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HELLFEST - Clisson, France
June 19, 2010

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Alice Cooper live at the Hellfest

Alice Cooper was the headliner of the second day of the Hellfest, and he proved to everyone that he deserved it!

Woah, what a theatrical show! I’ve never seen Alice Cooper die so many times on the same night. He was hung, killed by a poison injection, decapitated on a guillotine...

Who's the sxy girl? Alice Cooper live in Clisson

The setlist was unbelievable! From the beginning, Alice and his band played several classics in a row! That’s how to please a 20 000 people audience.
There was also room for one new songs: Vengeance Is Mine.

The songs were played one after the other without time for speeches.
Alice only addressed the audience at the end to thank them. Some might not like this, but that's how a theatrical Alice Cooper show is.

Alice Cooper live at Clisson's Hellfest

Some of us were expecting a jam between Slash during Alice's show.

They’ve already played together so why not invite him on stage? They also have had several musicians in common in their respective bands.
Well, that not happened that night. An Alice Cooper show is something well prepared and there’s little room for improvisation.
But... the next day Slash invited Alice to perform School’s Out with his band in Paris!

Alice Cooper live at the Hellfest

Anyway, back with Alice Cooper’s show.
The man always chooses carefully his musicians. They played great and were really into the show.

Eric Singer is again part of KISS the good news is that Jimmy DeGrasso is back on drums!

Chuck Garric is still Alice’s loyal bass player. When I saw him I remembered that the first time I saw him performing, it was with DIO, back in 2000 in Paris.

Alice Cooper and his wheelchair

The guitar pais is still Keri Kelli and Damon Johnson. Just like the previous time I saw Alice, in 2006.
Not only they are great guitar players, but they also fill the stage very well, along with Chuck Garric. Those 3 folks give a great rock'n'roll touch to the theatrical Alice Cooper show.

Of course there were a few actors, among them Alice’s own daughter, Calico Cooper.

Damon Johnson, Keri Kelli and Chuck Garric - Live with Alice Cooper band  at the Hellfest

So, everything was reunited to be a memorable show. And indeed it was a memorable show.
But there was one problem though. The sound was bad from where I was.

The guitars didn't sound good, the bass was too loud... I don't know but because of the sound I couldn't enjoy this show as much as I should.

Alice Cooper and a knife

I spoke to a few friends that watched the show from the front, and they told me the sound was good from there. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case from where I was standing. Bad luck!

From the theatrical point of view, it was the best Alice Cooper show I've seen! Something happens in almost every song.

Hang Alice Cooper So, with this concert, the Hellfest was over for me. We hit the road back to Paris right after the show.

The next day KISS was playing at the Hellfest. Yes, I missed them. But I saw Slash in Paris and... Alice Cooper was his special guest!

The next Alice Cooper show was in Sweden. Click here for Alice Cooper at the Sonisphere Stockholm.
Spark in the dark! - Alice Cooper live at the Hellfest

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Setlist Alice Cooper – Hellfest Festival - Clisson, France – June 19, 2010

01. School's Out + No More Mr. Nice Guy
02. Under My Wheels
03. I'm Eighteen
04. Wicked Young Man
05. Ballad Of Dwight Fry
06. Go To Hell
07. Guilty
08. Cold Ethyl
09. Poison
10. From The Inside
11. Nurse Rozetta
12. Be My Lover
13. Only Women Bleed
14. I Never Cry
15. The Black Widow (Instrumental)
16. Vengeance Is Mine
17. Dirty Diamonds
18. Billion Dollar Babies
19. Killer
20. I Love The Dead
21. Feed My Frankenstein
22. Elected
23. School's Out (Reprise)

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Alice Cooper Line-up:

Alice Cooper – Vocals
Keri Kelli – Guitars
Damon Johnson – Guitars
Chuck Garric – Bass
Jimmy DeGrasso – Drums
Calico Cooper – Dancer Performer
Alice Cooper live in Clisson
Along came a spider... Alice Cooper live at the Hellfest
No More Mr Nice Guy
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