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Bogotá Royal Center

Ozzy Rock Bar - Bogotá, Colombia
November 4 2013

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Anvil live in Bogotá

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At last! I've seen Anvil a couple of times before performing at Metal Festivals like the Hellfest, but this was the first time I could attend a full headlining show. 

The concert was supposed to be held at a Rock Bar named Bogotá Company, but a week before it was moved to a larger venue, Ozzy Bar.

This was a Festival with many local bands playing, including Demolator and Perpetual Witness, but I got there quite late so I only saw Anvil.

About 200 people gathered on this rainy Monday evening to see this legendary band on their second visit to Colombia. Anvil was making a short South American Tour in Brazil and Colombia, and the previous day they performed at the Altavoz Festival in Medellín, in front of a 10 000 people crowd!

At 9:25pm Lips, Robb and Sal got on stage. Instead of using the normal microphone to say "hello", Lips screamed through the pickups of his guitar, and then they started with March Of The Crabs and 666.

The sound was very good and just loud enough to be clear. Now, one thing is for sure, and it’s that everyone was here to have a good time! The crowds didn’t stop headbanging from the beginning and there’s no doubt that everyone was having fun.

have been around for a long time, but if you’ve seen the movie The History Of Anvil, you know that they’re passionate musicians that play with their hearts.
They might not sell out large arenas, but they have a worldwide base of loyal fans that live with the same passion for Metal music. If you're one of them, get your membership card here.
So, 200 people might not be too much, but 200 passionate fans in front of a passionate band can only result in a great show.

Make the guitar scream!
Robb Reiner from Anvil live in Bogotá
Lips and his dildo solo - Anvil live in concert

Lips is as crazy as ever! I love his attitude on stage, just by looking at him and his smile, you know he’s a guy that lives every minute to the fullest. And yes, he’s a very talented and underrated guitar player.
He’s good at riffs and good at solos, and he’s the one and only that exchanged his guitar pick for a dildo! He did that during Mothra and that was of course the funniest moments of the show!

Seeing Robb Reiner playing from a short distance was incredible. This guy is a rhythm machine, and he played a really cool solo.

Sal Italiano is the new member of the band, having replaced Glenn Five as a bass player. He plays fast with his fingers and he does a lot of fills on his bass lines, all this without stop headbanging. In a word, they made the right choice by hiring him.

Anvil have released 15 studio albums to date, so I guess it was quite hard to choose a setlist. On this tour, they were promoting their latest release, Hope In Hell, which is a great record by the way.
They played 4 songs from that one: Bad Ass Rock’n’Roll, Makind Machine, Eat Your Words, and the title track, Hope In Hell.
I enjoyed a lot those songs I must say that I would have loved to hear Flying, which is one of the best Anvil songs in my opinion.

They also played some recent songs like Thumb Hang and the title track from This Is Thirteen.
From the excellent record Juggernaut Of Justice they played On Fire and Swing Thing, which included a great drum solo by Robb Reiner.

Those who came looking for classic Anvil songs also got what they wanted. We had School Love, Winged Assassins, and of course the immortal hymn, Metal On Metal.
When they were about to leave the stage after the latter, Sal screamed “Hey guys, let’s play another one!”, and so they ended their set with Forged In Fire.

Anvil gave a great performance in front some devoted Metal Pounders. They transformed a morose rainy Monday into a big party that surely won’t be forgotten anytime soon.
This is a band that gives it all on stage, no matter if they’re playing a festival show or inside a small club.

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Setlist Anvil – Ozzy Rock Bar – Bogotá, – November 4 2013

01. March of the Crabs
02. 666
03. School Love
04. Badass Rock 'n' Roll
05. Winged Assassins
06. On Fire
07. This Is Thirteen
08. Mothra
09. Thumb Hang
10. Mankind Machine
11. Swing Thing
—— Rob Reiner Drum Solo ——
12. Hope in Hell
13. Eat Your Words
14. Metal on Metal
15. Forged in Fire

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Anvil band Line-up:

Steve "Lips" Kudlow – Vocals / Guitars
Sal Italiano – Bass
Robb Reiner – Drums
Sal Italiano from Anvil at Ozzy Rock Bar in Bogotá
Anvil - Lips in Bogotá
Sal Italiano and Lips in Colombia - live with Anvil
Lips from Anvil live in Bogotá
Lips from Anvil in Colombia
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