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La Scène Bastille - Paris, France
December 3, 2009

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Poster and flyer for Blaze live at The Scène Bastille

After years of absence from Parisian stages, Blaze Bayley was finally back in town in December 2009.

Blaze Bayley’s band scheduled a show at La Scène Bastille.

I hate this venue and I only come here when I really like the band…and of course I wasn’t going to miss Blaze!

Blaze Bayley put together a whole new band in the last couple of years.
Two Colombian guys joined him, the brothers Nick and David Bermudez.
Jay Walsh and Lawrence Paterson complete the line-up.

Blaze Bayley in Paris

As the concert starts, one could see that everyone in the band believes in what they’re doing.
All musicians are totally into what they play. They spend their time headbanging and shaking hands to the first rows, all with a thankful smile.

Fans too were totally captivated.
There were Maiden fans, Blaze fans, and some curious folks, but in any case, everyone up there was paying attention to the show.

The sound and the lights were OK, just enough for the venue.

David Bermudez playing bass with Blaze Bayley

The songs sound great when played live and the setlist was well balanced.

Those who have followed Blaze since his early solo career were delighted with Identity or Kill & Destroy.

The songs from the new album The Man who Would Not Die were great and the audience seemed to enjoy them, even people that was discovering those tunes.

We even could discover a tune of the next CD Promise and Terror, which came out in 2010: Watching The Night Sky.

Blaze Bayley singing

Of course those who were expecting some Iron Maiden tunes were not disappointed: the band played no less than 4 Maiden songs during the set.

Those songs were Futureal, The Clansman, Man On The Edge and Lord Of The Flies.
Well…the same songs of the Blaze-era that Maiden have played since Bruce Dickinson’s return (except Sing Of The Cross).

There are a lot of great songs in the albums X-Factor and Virtual XI, songs that Iron Maiden will probably never play again.

It really would be nice if Blaze could play tunes like The Aftermath, Fortunes Of War, Como Estais Amigos, The Angel and the Gambler or Edge of Darkness.

Nicolas Bermudez playing guitar in Paris

Blaze is a maniac on stage.
When he was in Maiden he was quite shy: he used to stay in the centre of the stage and didn’t move a lot.

Now, that he leads his own band, he keeps on moving, headbanging and pulling faces all around.

Some will say it’s too much, I say it’s Blaze’s trademark.

The energy he gives is amazing. This man is made to be on stage, that’s the place where he gives everything he has.

But... tonight his voice is a bit out of tune and he wasn't singing very well... Guess what! The man had fever!
He was ill, and still he was playing the show, and doing it the best he could.

Blaze live at The Scène Bastille

Blaze took a big risk. The risk of disapoiting fans and, most important, a risk for his voice. So, OK, his voice wasn't great tonight, but nevertheless he played the show and did a great performance as a showman.

So thanks Blaze, not every band respect their audiecences as you do!

Jay Walsh playing guitar in Paris

The band is preparing a new album called Promise And Terror and will certainly tour more in the near future.

Blaze has finally found a stable line-up with ultra motivated musicians and very good songs to hit the road with.

I wish Blaze Bayley and his band a lot of success and hope they’ll come back soon, hopefully to a bigger venue!

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Setlist Blaze – The Scène Bastille, Paris, France – December 3, 2009

01. The Man Who Would Not Die
02. Blackmailer
03. Smile Back At Death
04. The Launch
05. Futureal
06. Samurai
07. Voices From The Past
08. Robot
09. Waiting For My Life
10. Tenth Dimension
11. Identity
12. Kill & Destroy
13. End Of The Day
14. Alive
15. Watching The Night Sky
16. The Clansman
17. Man Of The Edge
18. Stare At The Sun
19. Lord Of The Flies

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Blaze Line-up:

Blaze Bayley - vocals
Nick Bermudez - guitar
Jay Walsh - guitar
David Bermudez - bass
Lawrence "Larry" Paterson - drums
Blaze Bayley live in Paris
Blaze live in Paris
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