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Shout It Out Loud Festival
RVE-Halle - Mülheim, Germany
June 18 2011

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Claus Lessmann from Bonfire live in Mülheim

After Pussy Sisster, Bonfire was the last German band to play at the Shout It Out Loud Festival.

I really love this band, and I was really happy to see them again... the previous one was 9 years earlier at the Bang Your Head Festival 2002.

Hans Ziller on guitars with Bonfire

The concert started with a motorcycle roar, quickly followed by Tony's Roulette and But We Still Rock.

The sound was good, so were the lights, and the musicians were in very good shape!

Every element to do a good show was here!

Claus Lessmann on vocals and Uwe Köhler on bass - Bonfire live in Mülheim Germany

On his first speech, Claus saluted the audience with the words "Hello Mulheim! Hello Germany! Hello...USA?"
Well that's a band who believes in the "American Dream"! I think they'll have to organize an extensive North American tour sometime...

Chris Limburg on guitars - Bonfire live in concert, Hout It Out Loud Festival

Some photographers were invited on stage to shot the band in front of the audience.
That's how I got the last picture on this page :-)

The setlist wasn't very long, but the band played for an hour and 20 minutes or so... This means they played longer than Cinderella, the headliners of the festival...

Dominik Hülshorst on drums with Bonfire live in Mülheim

There were many good songs missing... Daytona Nights, Hard On Me, Bang Down the Door... But the time was short so they couldn't play them all.

Sword and Stone, Sweet Obsession and Ready For Reaction were among the best moments, along with Proud Of My Country.

Get up!

Oh, there was an incident at the begining of the show: Claus fell down between some amplifiers and the pit.

He didn't got hurt and he continued singing. His bandmates were lauging and Chris Limburg helped him to get on the stage again.

Hans and Uwe live with Bonfire

Well, Bonfire demonstrated to be a great live act tonight!
I think this band is totally underrated, they don't have the success they deserve.

For more than 20 years, they have been ambassadors of German Hard Rock, they've made some great albums and have meany good songs that should reach more people in the world.

Claus Lessmann - Bonfire live in Mülheim

well, I have to say than Bonfire was, to me, the best band at the Shout It Out Loud Festival!

I had a lot of expectations about Cinderella, I mostly went to the festival for them, but I think Bonfire did a better performance tonight.

Click here for a review and pictures of Cinderella headlining the Shout It Out Loud Festival 2011.

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Setlist Bonfire – RVE-Halle - Mülheim, Germany – June 18 2011

01. Tony's Roulette
02. But we Still Rock
03. Nevermind
04. Just Follow The Rainbow
05. Hot To Rock / Don't Touch The Light
06. Under Blue Skies
07. Proud Of My Country
08. Give It A Try
09. Sword And Stone
10. Sweet Obsession
11. Ready For Reaction
12. You Make Me Feel
13. American Nights
13. Sword And Stone

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Bonfire Line-up:

Claus Lessmann – Vocals
Hans Ziller – Guitar
Chris Limburg – Guitars
Uwe Köhler – Bass
Dominik Hülshorst – Drums
Bonfire live in Germany, Shout IIt Out Loud Festival
Hans Ziller with Bonfire
Dominik Hülshorst on drums with Bonfire
Bonfie and the crowd! from the stage
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