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Alhambra - Paris, France
December 11 2011

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Simon Cruz from Crashdïet live in Paris

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After Kissin’ Dynamite, the second band on stage tonight was CrashDïet.
CrashDïet were making their own European Tour headliners, but in Paris they were opening for Blackrain.

Peter London on bass with Crashdïet

I love their latest record, Generation Wild, and I was very excited as this was my first Crashdïet show.

Well, they didn’t have the best conditions as the sound was not very good. But they brought their dynamism, their rock’n’roll and their attitude.

Those guys have energy to spare, and they don’t stop moving on stage.

Thilo Wolf from Lacrimosa ... I mean Simon Cruz from Crashdïet

Singer Simon Cruz, who electrified the girls in the audience with his haircut and the way he stared at them.

At the begining of the show, he came on stage with a long leather jacket, and everything reminded me of Lacrimosa's Tilo Wolf: his attitude, his clothes, his haircut and his hair colour.
This is probably the only thing Crashdïet and Lacrimosa have in common, their music styles are very different.

Martin Sweet on guitars - Crashdïet at the Alhambra in Paris France

Martin Sweet is the lead guitar player in Chrashdïet, but Simon assisted him with the rhythm guitar parts of a few tunes like Chemical or So Alive.

Simon Cruz also played a few notes of Native Nature with his harmonica, but it was so short that it was nonsense. He got the harmonica out of his pocket, played for 5 seconds and packed it back!

A Crashdïet fan showing her pink bra

Crashdïet came to shake the people, and that’s exactly what happened. Their songs are catchy, the choruses are easy to remember, and they put everyone in the mood for a party.

3 girls from the audience jumped on stage spontaneously and helped sing the chorus of Queen Obscene.
One of them even took her shirt off and showed us... her pink suim suit! What were you thinking? It's not Steel Panther!

crowdsurfers - Crashdïett live in Paris

On the audience there were quite a few crowdsurfers, and even Simon Cruz was part of them.
But don’t worry, his haircut was exactly the same afterwards.

On the encores, CrashDïet could even use some the confetti that Blackrain had prepared for their show.

Eric Young on drums with Crashdïet, live at the Alhambra in Paris

The last song was their hit Generation Wild, sung by everyone in the first rows.

Despite the sound not being so good, I liked very much Crashdïet’s concert tonight.
I’m already looking forward to see them again at the Shout It Out Loud Festival next march!

Crashdïet fans on stage

There was one more band on the bill tonight: the French hard rockers of Blackrain.

Click here for Blackrain pictures and concert review.

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Setlist Crashdïet – Alhambra - Paris, France – December 11 2011

01. Breakin' the Chainz
02. Rebel
03. So Alive
04. Riot in Everyone
05. Native Nature
06. Bound To Fall
07. Chemical
08. Straight Outta Hell
09. Queen Obscene/69 Shots
10. Geeration Wild

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Crashdïet Line-up:

Simon Cruz – Vocals / Guitars
Martin Sweet – Guitar
Peter London – Bass
Eric Young – Drums
Crashdïet guitars: Simon and Martin
Martin Sweet on guitars - Crashdïet live in France
Simon Cruz on stage
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