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Dark Angel
Dark Angel
Sweden Rock 2014

Live in Bogotá

Hellfest - Clisson, France
June 22 2014

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Ron Rinehart and his Dark Angel wings - hellfest Open Air

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Performance:  5/5
Setlist:                   4/5
Sound:                  4/5
Atmosphere:          4/5

If there was one reunion that Thrash metal fans were still expecting, this was the one! Who knows why it took so long, but what matters is that they finally were back. "We Have Arrived", they would say!

Originally, Dark Angel wasn't supposed to play at Hellfest. Megadeth was scheduled to play this spot and when they cancelled, it was given to Death Angel. But Death Angel was reprogrammed to play on friday (the first day of the Hellfest) and that's how Dark Angel took over!

Dark Angel's played the Mainstage 01 and there was relatively few people watching the show. That's not really surprising. The band has been away for a long time and many people didn't know about them.
But those who knew them, were really happy to see that they're back, and I'm sure they gained new fans among the curious that discovered them that day!

Dark Angel is back and (I hope) they're here to stay! Hearing those old classic songs like We have Arrived, Never To Rise Again or Death Is certain (Life Is Not) was amazing! It felt like going back in time.
Darkness Desends and Leave Scars were among the first Thrash Metal albums I had in my hands, so this band means a lot to me.

I had the chance to see them 2 weeks earlier at Sweden Rock Festival and, while both shows were quite different, I enjoyed much more this one!
I really hope that they have plans to go on! Such a great band has to carry on!

After Dark Angel, it was time for some more extreme music with Behemoth's Black Metal. Click here for Behemoth live at Hellfest.

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Setlist Dark Angel – Hellfest – Clisson, – June 22 2014

01. Darkness Descends
02. We Have Arrived
03. The Burning of Sodom
04. Time Does Not Heal
05. No One Answers
06. Never to Rise Again
07. Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)
08. Merciless Death
09. Perish in Flames

Dark Angel Links:

Dark Angel Website
Dark Angel CDs at
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Dark Angel band Line-up:

Ron Rinehart – Vocals
Jim Durkin – Guitars
Eric Meyer – Guitars
Mike Gonzalez – Bass
Gene Hoglan – Drums
Eric Meyer with Dark Angel in France
Jim Durkin from Dark Angel on stage in Clisson
Mike Gonzalez from Dark Angel - Hellfest Open Air
Hellfest Open Air -  Dark Angel, live in Clisson
Dark Angel reunion at Hellfest
Samantha Fox and Dark Angel fans

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