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Ozzy Bar - Bogotá, Colombia
January 25 2014

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Dark Tranquillity live in Bogotá

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What agreat weekend with 3 concerts in a row!
Friday: L.A. Guns
Sunday: Lita Ford
Saturday, Melodic Death Metallers Dark Tranquillity were sandwiched between those two Hard Rock bands!

To me, it's been more than 5 years since the last time I witnessed a show from the band. It was a fabulous gig at La Locomotive in Paris. That concert was pure absolute magic so, how was it going to be tonight?

The last time Dark Tranquillity visited Colombia was four years ago, so the fans were hungry for that show.
The concert was held at Ozzy Bar and was announced as a private party for maximum 300 lucky fans. No surprise, it was totally sold-out.
The place was completely packed, it was really hot inside and even hard to breathe!

At 10:30PM the band got on stage under a general ovation. Dark Tranquilly is huge in Colombia, It's the fourth time they play in this country, and fans are really devoted.

The atmosphere inside was.. Wet! No need to headbang or even to move, just by betting into Ozzy Bar that night anyone would take a sweat shower. Not only it was impossible to resist, no one wanted to resist!
The energy of the band on stage is impressive. They sound spontaneous, and alive.

Something very unusual is that Dark Tranquillity has become a 5-piece band. Surprinsingly, they don't have a bassist anymore!
They made sure that this fact would affect their sound

Dark Tranquillity in Colombia
Dark Tranquillity taking a picture of himself on stage
Dark Tranquillity selfie
Dave Weiner with Dark Tranquillity at Ozzy Bar in Bogotá


Steve on acoustic guitar
Jeremy Colson doing his drum show in Bogotá
Dark Tranquillity - headbanger in Bogotá

Dark Tranquillity, Dave Weiner and Philip Bynoe


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Setlist Dark Tranquillity – Ozzy Bar – Bogotá, – January 25 2014

01. The Science of Noise
02. White Noise / Black Silence
03. Lost to Apathy
04. What Only You Know
05. The Fatalist
06. The Silence in Between
07. Zero Distance
08. The Mundane and the Magic
09. Punish My Heaven
10. The Wonders at Your Feet
11. Monochromatic Stains
12. Iridium
13. Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
14. State of Trust
15. ThereIn
16. Endtime Hearts
17. Final Resistance
18. Lethe
19. Misery's Crown

Dark Tranquillity Links:

Dark Tranquillity Website
Dark Tranquillity CDs at
Dark Tranquillity iTunes downloads
Dark Tranquillity on Flickr

Dark Tranquillity band Line-up:

Mikael Stanne – Vocals
Niklas Sundin – Guitar
Martin Henriksson – Guitar
Martin Brändström – Keyboards
Anders Jivarp – Drums

Jeremy Colson with Dark Tranquillity live in Bogotá
Dark Tranquillity headbanging
Dark Tranquillity playing with his Mikael_Stanne_ozzy_bar
Poster for the Dark Tranquillity concert in Colombia
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