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Hellfest - Clisson, France
June 20 2014

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Mark Osegueda from Death Angel live in Clisson

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Performance:     5/5
Setlist:                       4/5
Lights:                      3,5/5
Sound:                     4/5
Atmosphere:      4,5/5

The last band to play on the opening day of Hellfest was Death Angel, and we were lucky that they were here!
Due to some some business restructuring, Death Angel cancelled the whole european tour, except for the show at Hellfest. Their schedule and day of performance changed several times, but they were finally here, performing an exclusive European show!

As expected, it was a memorable one! Rumors went fast after the cancellation of the tour, so this was Death Angel's only chance to show up that the band was alive, and I can tell you they they blew everyone's mind!
There was a lot of rage in their performance, and they made everyone go as crazy as possible, no matter how late it was!
There were only 4 songs from the 80's era on the setlist, which proves how solid are the songs Death Angel has released since the reunion. They performed no less than 5 songs from their excellent latest record, The Dream Calls For Blood.

That was a great way to end an amazing day! I din't see many shows this day, but to me Death Angel prformed the best concert of the day!

My saturday at Hellfest started with Status Quo. Click here for Status Quo at Hellfest pictures and review.

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Setlist Death Angel – Hellfest – Clisson, – June 20 2014

01. Left for Dead
02. Son of the Morning
03. Evil Priest
04. Claws in So Deep
05. Seemingly Endless Time
06. Execution - Don't Save Me
07. 3rd Floor
08. Empty
09. The Dream Calls For Blood
10. Mistress of Pain
11. Fallen
13. The Ultra-Violence / Thrown to the Wolves

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Death Angel band Line-up:

Mark Osegueda – Vocals
Rob Cavestany – Guitars
Ted Aguilar – Guitars
Damien Sisson – Bass
Will Carroll – Drums
Ted Aguilar from Death Angel at Hellfest in Clisson
Rob Cavestany from Death Angel live in Clisson
Damien Sisson - Death Angel live in Clisson
Death Angel in France
Death Angel live in Clisson

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