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Le Zénith - Paris, France
November 10, 2010

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Deep Purple live at Zénith in Paris, France

Deep Purple is one of the most succesful rock bands in France.
They play here almost every year. In 2010, they were even doing an extensive French Tour, covering the whole country.
Even if their latest album Rapture Of The Deep came out 5 years earlier in 2005, this concert was sold out... and it was the 4th gig in Paris since the album came out.
That's success!

Deep Purple live in concert

Deep Purple started their show precisely at 9pm. Their was an intro, a short intrumental jam... and the incredible Highway Star to start!

The first thing to note is that the sound was excellent.
The sound is often quite good at this venue, but tonight it really was amazing and clear.

Ian Gillan from Deep Purple in Paris

Every instrument, as well as Ian Gillan's voice, could be heard very very clear.

And to be honest it took Ian Gillan a couple of soungs to find his voice. He had a lot of dificulties at the begining of the show, but he managed to solve them quickly and made a great performance for almost the whole show.

Steve Morse from Deep Purple live in Paris

But hey, Ian Gillan's not 20 anymore, and he still has got an amazing voice.
Moreover, he is the one singing every one, unlike David Coverdale, who sang with Deep Purple, but nowadays used playback to reach high notes with Whitesnake.

Ian Gillan and Don Airey - Deep Purple in Paris

Ian Gillan stays on stage during almost the whole show, even if there are several instrumental parts.
A lot of singers go out of stage during solos and long instrumantal jams, the worst of all is Dream Theter's James Labrie who remains on stage only for half of the concert.

Ian goes near the drums and plays his tambourine. A simple but efficient and professional way to tell the audience that he's with us.

Don Airey from Deep Purple live in Paris

Don Airey migh still be seen as the new member by some fans. He's been in the band for 8 years now, and I think he deserves his title of Deep Purple Keyboardist. To me, he is, as I only saw Deep Purple with Jon Lord once, back in 1999.

As a keyboardist, he's simply amazing. He played a keyboard solo including classics like Mozart's Rondo alla Turca, Chopin's Sensucht, Mendelssohn's Fairy Dance... but also the French touch with La Marseillaise, and the rock touch with Ozzy's Mr Crowley.

Ian Paice from Deep Purple live in Paris

Deep Purple is known for changing their setlist setlist every night, which is a great idea as they were playing many dates in the same country, and they play here quite often.

The setlist tonight was very fluent and they played almost only heavy songs!

There was a short guitar and vocal jam at the end of Strange Kind Of Woman,

Roger Glover from Deep Purple live in Paris

The stage set was quite sober. At the begining, there was no backdrom, just an amazing light set.
When they played the song Fireball, introduced as "the ballad" by Ian Gillan, the black curtain on the back of the stage fell down.

Behind, there was a backdrop with a Greek temple and Deep Purple's logo on top.

Two giant screens, one on each side of the stage, displayed the show for the people on the back. During Ste Morse's solo, and image of planet Earth was displayed, while images of gothic sained glass were shown during Don Airey's solo.
During Perfect Stragers some psychedelic videos and skulls were shown on those screens.

Steve Morse and hos well-dressed guitar

Deep Pruple played for 1 hour 50 minutes. This concert was really good, and Deep Purple demonstrated again that even after a 42-year carrer, they keep on rocking and bringing crowds to their shows.
Long live Deep Purple, they're an example that many bands should follow!

Ian Gillan, Roger Glover and Steve Morse - Deep Purple live in Paris France

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Setlist Deep Purple – Zénith - Paris, France – November 10, 2010

01. Highway Star
02. Hard Lovin' Man
03. Maybe I'm a Leo
04. Strange Kind Of Woman
05. Rapture of the Deep
06. Fireball
07. Silver Tongue
08. Contact Lost
09. When a Blind Man Cries
10. The Well-dressed guitar
11. Almost Human
12. Lazy
13. No One Came
––– Don Airey Solo –––
14. Perfect Strangers
15. Space Truckin'
16. Smoke On The Water
17. Hush
––– Roger Glover Solo –––
18. Black Night

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Deep Purple Line-up:

Ian Gillan – Vocals
Steve Morse- Guitars
Don Airey – Keyboards
Roger Glover – Bass
Ian Paice – Drums
Roger Glover and Ian Gillan at Le Zénith in Paris
Deep Purple's soul and rythm section: Roger Glover and Ian Paice
Don Airey, Roger Glover and Steve Morse
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