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Thrashers Attack Festival with
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Eindhoven 2011

Teatro Metropol - Bogotá, Colombia
September 8 2013

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Schmier from Destruction live in Colombia

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After that great Exumer show, it was time for the headliners of the Thrashers Attack Festival, one of the biggest Thrash Metal bands from Germany: Destruction.

The show started with the anthem Thrash ‘Till Death and the people went instantly crazy. It felt so good to see this Thrash trio in front of the good old backdrop with the skull used in the cover of the record Metal Discharge!

Colombia is not an unknown territory for Destruction. The band played there in 2002 with Kreator, in 2008 with Vital Remains, and in 2011 they played the massive Rock Al Parque Festival in front of some 80 000 meta maniacs.

Schmier stated that Destruction loves Colombia and that it felt so good to be back. He recalled how special the first Destruction concert in Bogotá was.

But he noticed nevertheless that there weren’t many people tonight, as only about 350 people attended the show. He asked where the missing people went. Or is it that Colombians don't go to thrash concerts anymore?
Having played in front of a monstrous crowd the previous time, I can understand that he was expecting more people.
Nevertheless, he said that he appreciated that we came to the show on Sunday, because he knew that Sunday sucks for concerts

And well, Destruction is the kind of live act and do their best in any situation, no matter if it’s a huge festival show or an intimate club concert!

The band had to face a minor problem during the song Tears of Blood, when the wireless system of Mike’s guitar stopped working.
They changed the batteries quickly because, as Schmier stated, we all know that Thrash without guitar doesn't work.

He used this time to ask for a beer in Spanish and made a toast to this “loco” audience.
Oh, by the way, the beer at the Teatro Metropol’s bar was sold out before the end of the show.

Mike from Destruction live in Colombia
Vaaver from Destruction live in Colombia
Destruction live in Bogotá

The audience was very receptive to every song, old and new stuff.
We had two songs from the new album: the title track Spiritual Genocide and Carnivore, which was introduced as a song written to "the kind of women that fu*k up your brain".
I would have loved to hear To Dust You Will Decay, my favorite song of this record, but they didn’t play it.

They delighted us with great tunes like Armageddonizer, Hate Is My Fuel or Nailed To The Cross, and didn’t forget to include some all time classics like Total Desaster, Invisible Forces and Life Without Sense.

They didn’t play any songs from the albums D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N., Inventor of Evil, Metal Discharge, Release From Agony and Cracked Brain.
That sounds like too much, but Destruction has many records and many good songs. They can’t play them all, but I’m sure everyone was satisfied with the setlist.

Near the end of the show, Schmier asked us which song we wanted to hear. Bestial Invasion? Curse The Gods? And then someone screamed Death Trap!! Schmier replied that this was a good choice and they played it!
And I know that the song was not originally on the setlist, the band played it because people asked for it!

Prost! Destruction in Bogotá
Thrashers Attack Festival - Destruction in Bogotá Colombia

The show ended with Curse the Gods and The Butcher Strikes Back played as encores.
With 90 intense minutes of Destruction, the Thrashers’ Attack Festival II came to an end. We all were tired but satisfied!

It was a day full of musical passion, with talented local bands and two grand international acts. And best of all, the organization was faultless so thumbs up to the guys of Backline America.

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Setlist Destruction – Teatro Metropol – Bogotá, – September 8 2013

01. Thrash Till Death
02. Spiritual Genocide
03. Nailed To The Cross
04. Mad Butcher
05. Armageddonizer
06. Eternal Ban
07. Life Without Sense
08. Bullets From Hell
09.  Total Desaster
10. Tears Of Blood
11. Carnivore
12. Hate Is My Fuel
–––– Drum solo ––––
13. Invincible Force
14. Death Trap
15. Bestial invasion
16. intro / Curse The Gods
17. The Butcher Strikes Back

Destruction Links:

Destruction Website
Destruction CDs at
Destruction iTunes downloads
Destruction on Flickr

Destruction band Line-up:

Schmier – Vocals, Bass
Mike Sifringer – Guitar
Wawrzyniec "Vaaver" Dramowicz – Drums
Schmier - Destruction in concert in Colombia
Mike Sifringer - Destruction in Colombia
Wawrzyniec Dramowicz from Destruction live in Colombia
Destrction holding the Colombian flag
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