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Ozzy Bar - Bogotá, Colombia
March 6 2014

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Doro live in Bogotá

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Not even two months after Lita Ford’s visit to Colombia, the other iconic female Hard Rock singer, Doro Pesch, visited Colombia for a unique show at Ozzy Bar.

The Metal Queen is celebrating 30 years of musical career with two memorable anniversary shows in her hometown Düsseldorf, in May 2014, with many special guests.

But before that, she decided to celebrate with her South American fans, in a tour called 30 Years Strong and Proud.
Some 250 fans gethered at Ozzy Bar for the show.

The opening band was Highway, and this was a great choice. Highway is a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Colombia, formed by 3 girls and a drummer.
They did a nice show and played a powerful set, those girls have some really good songs!

At 9:20pm, the band got on stage and started to tease the crowds, and then Doro appeared under a general ovation.
They started with Earthsaker Rock, followed by I Rule The Ruins and Burning The Witches.
That’s a way to start a concert and to get everyone into a Rock´n´Roll mood!

The band faced some sound problems, especially during the first songs, but the show was so good that no one seemed to care. The crowds were crazy and everyone was into the show, from the people in front of the stage to the people up in the balcony.

There’s a great chemistry between the members of Doro’s band, something unique comes out of Nick, Johnny, Luca and Bas when they’re together.
They’re all so full of energy and on top of that, Doro is an extremely charismatic singer.
It’s incredible to see her singing while holding the hands of some fans in the first rows. I know that when she sings “You’re my family”, she really means it (Even if the song was not on tonight’s setlist).
She lives for Rock!

She looked overwhelmed by the response of the crowds, and stated that she was really happy to be back in Bogotá.
Colombia is no strange territory to Doro, as she already visited the country back in 2011.
She shouted “Viva Colombia” a couple of times, and treated us with some local slang, using the words “del putas”, which means “fuc*ing great!”.

There were not only Colombian headbangers tonight, a fan in the first row came from Costa Rica especially for the show!
Doro recognized him and said she’s seen him at the airport.

Luca Princiotta with Doro in Colombia
Doro on stage in Bogotá
Nick Douglas with Doro at Ozzy Bar in Bogotá
Bas Maas with Doro, live in Bogotá

And Colombians also go abroad for concerts (you know that if you read!): Doro was pleased to see a fan wearing a Wacken Open Air t-shirt, and she pointed him before playing The Wacken Hymne, We Are The Metalheads.

Johnny Dee performed a cool drum solo after Burn It Up, and made us scream with some recognizable drums lines, such as Run To The Hills from Iron Maiden and I Love It Loud from KISS.

Some of the most memorable moments of the show were Raise Your Fist (which has already become a classic), the Judas Priest cover Breaking The Law, and of course the immortal mega-classic All We Are.

But the ballads sounded especially emotive tonight. The band played an amazing version of Für Immer, including a verse in Spanish.
This was certainly one of the most emotional moments!
Later, with the song Hero, we remembered the late Ronnie James Dio, someone Doro knew and even had the chance to tour with him.

After more than 90 minutes, Doro didn’t want to leave the stage.
She was very grateful towards the audience so she asked us to choose the last song. But people asked her different tunes and she couldn’t make up her mind between Love Me In Black and True As Steel, so the band played them both.
And after that she stated that they played one more: East Meets West.

Doro holding a fan hand in Bogotá
Luca Princiotta on guitars

The band spent some time shaking hands, thanking the audience and saying goodbye. They left the stage at 11:15pm, after an almost 2-hour show.
Not long after that, they came to sign some autographs and to talk with the people.

Seeing a band like Doro on stage is a real pleasure. They are incredibly good musicians and very respectful people.
Everyone was satisfied for sure, and it was perfect way to celebrate Women's Day, which was only two days later!

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Setlist Doro – Ozzy Bar – Bogotá, – March 6 2014

01. Earthshaker Rock
02. I Rule the Ruins
03. Burning the Witches
04. Fight for Rock
05. The Night Of The Warlock
06. Metal Racer
07. Raise Your Fist in the Air
08. Without You
09. Burn It Ip
—— Drum Solo ——
10. We Are The Metalheads
11. Für Immer
12. Revenge
13. Breaking The Law
Judas Priest cover
14. All We Are
15. Hellbound
16. Metal Tango
17. Hero
18. Love Me In Black
19. True as Steel
20. East Meets West

Doro Links:

Doro Website
Doro CDs at
Doro iTunes downloads
Doro on Flickr

Doro band Line-up:

Doro Pesch – Vocals
Bas Maas – Guitars
Luca Princiotta – Guitar
Nick Douglas – Bass
Johnny Dee – Drums
Doro live in Bogotá
Nick Douglas and Doro
Doro live at Ozzy Bar in Bogotá Colombia
Poster for the Doro concert in Colombia
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