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The Bonding
Release date: June 24 2013

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Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
Metal Traveller Rating: (4/5 - Killer)

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Edenbridge The Bonding album cover

It took Edenbridge 3 years to release the follow up of their record Solitaire. Now, the most popular Female-fronted Metal band from Austria finally broke the silence, so Edenbridge is back with an album called The Bonding.

This album has been in the making since 2010, so ideas have slowly had the time to mature in order to become the songs we’re hearing now. And Edenbridge is concerned about making things the right way, that’s why they hired the Klangvereinigung Orchestra of Vienna, directed by Georg Luksch, to emphasize the different atmospheres of this ambitious record.


The Bonding starts with a 7 minute long song called Mystic River. Overall, it’s a heavy song, with many changes and a magnificent guitar duel on the solo part. The orchestra can be heard in the middle part, so we can say that it’s a great introduction to the rest of the record.
The Bonding has atmospheric songs, heavy songs, and ballads. The second track, Alight A New Tomorrow, is very melodic and could even be heard on the radio.

Among the heavy tunes, we have The Invisible Force with its lively riff. There’s also Shadows Of My Memory, the heaviest song of the record. It even boasts some guttural voice provided by the newest member of the band: bass player Wolgang Rothbauer. In contrast, the song has a very melodic chorus and some grandiose orchestrations.

But slow songs dominate the album. In my opinion there are too many soft songs, but that is understandable, as an orchestra was involved. Edenbridge wanted to seize this opportunity to get the best result out this cooperation and the outcome is this very emotive record.

Star-Crossed Dreamer is a beautiful ballad that starts with a piano, before the talent of Sabine Edelsbacher can be fully appreciated. Even more inspired, Death Is Not The End is certainly the best ballad of the record. Not only the music is beautiful, but the words are also meaningful.

Into A Sea Of Souls is very atmospheric slow song, like Far Out Of Reach which goes almost “New Age”.
The record ends with a 15 minute song called The Bonding, a masterpiece that goes through several musical and emotional changes. Absolutely beautiful.

There is a version of the album containing a Bonus CD with instrumental versions of all the songs in The Bonding. This will be useful for those who want to seize every musical note, or for those who might want to do a Karaoke party singing The Bonding songs.

The Bonding is really not a typical Metal record. The band has created 9 rather unusual but atmospheric, captivating and emotive songs.
There are many subtleties so it has to be listened a few times in order to be fully appreciated.

But what is certain, is that The Bonding is Edenbridge’s most ambitious record.

Edenbridge the band
Picture: Promo SPV Records

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Edenbridge Line-up:

Sabine Edelsbacher – Vocals
Lanvall – Guitar, bass, keyboards, piano, Kacapi
Dominik Sebastian – Guitar
Wolfgang Rothbauer – Bass, Grunts on Shadows Of My Memory
Max Pointer – Drums

––– Guest Musicians –––
Orchester Klangvereinigung Wien – Orchestra
Eric Martensson – Lead Vocals on The Bonding
Robby Valenttine – Backing Vocals

Edenbridge Links:

Edenbridge Website
Edenbridge CDs on
Edenbridge iTunes downloads

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Tracklist Edenbridge - The Bonding

01. Mystic River
02. Alight A New Tomorrow
03. Star-Crossed Dreamer
04. The Invisible Force
05. Into A Sea Of Souls
06. Far Out Of Reach
07. Shadows Of My Memory
08. Death Is Not The End
09. The Bonding

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