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Bataclan - Paris, France
October 19 2011

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Tobias Sammet live with Edguy at the Bataclan in Paris, France

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Tobias Sammmet announced a new album and tour from the stage at the PPM Fest.
The album Age Of The Joker and now it was time for the tour, two years after the last Edguy concert in Paris.

Dirk Sauer with Edguy at the Bataclan in Paris, France

This was the first time they played at the Bataclan, and they had a wonderful opening act: Kottak, the band from Scorpions' drummer James Kottak.
Click here for some pictures from Kottak's show.

A word about the Bataclan: I often complain that it's too hot in there, but Tobias complained about the cold air conditioning on stage!
Cold on stage and suffocating in the pit, there's definitely a problem with this concert hall!

Jens Ludwig on guitars, live with Edguy

As usual, Tobias Sammet did a lot of jokes on stage. How could it be otherwise, with an album called Age Of The Joker?.

Forget the age of acquarius, or whatever age you've heard about. We're in the age of the joker and his name is Tobias Sammet!
Some would say he talks too much on stage between the songs, but he know how to make us laugh.

Tobias Exxel live at the Bataclan in Paris, with Edguy

He started by making us scream loud, but we were not loud enugh, so he said "If I was Joey deMaio I would say "This is the loudest cream I ever heard my brothers", but no, I'm just being honest with you!" And it worked! Everyone screamed louder after that!

When he asked the girls to scream, he pointed that there were not as many girls as in a Bon Jovi concert, but much more than in Motörhead.

Feli Bohnke with the Age Of The Joker backdrop

In the middle part of the song Robin Hood, which sound like Seventh Sof Of A Seventh Son, he said "We have the power and the right to steal from Iron Maiden! Scream For Me Paris!".

Part of Felix Bohnke's drum solo was based on The A-Team television series! That was unexpected and hilarious.

Sauer, Eel, Ludwig and Sammmet - Edguy live in Paris

Edguy are proud of their new record and were here to prove that it was good. The setlist comprised 6 songs from the album, almost half of their set.
The new songs sound really good live, especially Nobody's Hero and Robin Hood.

There are two reat things about Edguy in concert. One is that they don't take themselves too seriously. The other is that they're a bunch of friends who enjoy being on stage together. You can see them smiling, laugh, and having fun during their gig.

Tobias up from the lift

But Edguy can also make their show visual. When the song Superheores started, Tobias Sammet was not on stage... He was on a lift full of lights in the back of the pit! Just like AC/DC would do!

He stayed up there for the whole song, while a confetti rain was falling on the fans.

Tobias Sammet at the Bataclan in Paris, live with Edguy

The audience was excited and started to sing La Ballade Des Gendarmes, the soundtrack of a French Movie that Edguy covered in 2001.
The band was very thankful towards the French fans, and Tobias said Paris was always one of the best places to play.
Every band says that, but he was honest about that. He stated that from the begining, other bands warned them "skip France, it's desert on the Heavy Metal map!".

Tobias Sammet and the Edguy fans

Tobias thanked the man believed in them from the begining: Olivier Garnier, a hard working man who has dedicated his life to Metal.

This lovely evening ended with a sing-along version of Land Of The Miracle, followed by King Of Fools.

Two days later, another German musician was playing in Paris: The Metal Queen Doro Pesch!
Click here for Doro Pesch live in Paris.

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Setlist Edguy – Bataclan - Paris, France – October 19 2011

01. Nobody's Hero
02. The Arcane Guild
03. Tears of a Mandrake
04. Pandora's Box
05. Rock of Cashel
06. Lavatory Love Machine
07. Behind the Gates to Midnight World
08. Superheroes
09. Robin Hood
—— Drum Solo ——
10. Ministry of Saints
11. Vain Glory Opera
13. Land Of The Miracle
14. King Of Fools

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Edguy Line-up:

Tobias Sammet – Vocals, Guitars
Jens Ludwig – Guitars
Dirk Sauer – Guitar
Tobias Exxel – Bass
Felix Bohnke – Drums
Dirk Sauer at the Bataclan in Paris, live with Edguy
Jens Ludwig from Edguy - Bataclan in Paris, France
Dirk and Tobi lauhing on stage
Dirk Sauer and Tobias Exxel live with Edguy
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