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Hell & Heaven Metal Fest
Feria de Texcoco - Estado de México, Mexico
March 15 and 16 2014

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When it comes to Heavy Metal Festivals, everybody thinks of Europe in the summertime. Wacken, Hellfest, Sweden Rock, Masters Of Rock, Bang Your Head… All those are mythical events that bring together some of the best Metal bands in the world.

But everybody knows that South America has the wildest fans on earth, so… where are the Metal Festivals in South America. The answer is Mexico, where the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest is held since 2010.

This year, 2014, the festival will be raising hell in the grounds of Feria de Texcoco, not far from the capital, Mexico City.
The Hell & Heaven Metal Fest will be held on March 15 and 16, and will gather some of the most amazing bands on earth from very different Rock and Metal styles.

The headliners are two iconic bands: Guns’n’Roses and Kiss. Only for those two, the ticket is well worth the price.

Kiss will be inducted this year to the Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame. Hell & heaven Metal Fest will be their first concert of 2014, and they will bring the whole amazing show that has made them famous an immortal.
The second night we’ll be in the jungle, as Axl Rose screams. This one will also be Guns´n´Roses first show for 2014 and we can expect a great concert with all the classic songs and some more recent songs.

But Guns’n’Roses and Kiss don’t come alone.

Besides Kiss, on March 15 we will also witness the fabulous Twisted Sister, one of the finest Rock bands on stage.
They´ll share the stage with legendary Horror Punk band The Misfits and with Korn.
And if you like it harder and louder, the recently reformed Carcass will also be here, with other Thrash and Death Metal acts like Destruction, Possessed, Obituary, Flotsam and Jetsam, Brujería, Suicide Silence, Suffocation, Trivium, Hocico, Combichrist, Carpathian Forest and many more.

This is Saturday, and there will be no rest for the wicked on Sunday 16.
There will be Extreme Metal bands like Profecía, Goatwhore, Pinhed, Cephalic Carnage, Transmetal, Marduk and Deicide.
But Let there be Thrash too! Testament and Tankard will be the ambassador of Thrash Metal, while Angra and Dragonforce will be there for the Power Metal fans.

Then there’s P.O.D., Lamb Of God, the might Rob Zombie and the day will end with Guns’n’Roses!

That’s a Metal festival! Now, there are some questions that need an answer:

How to get there?
It’s very easy actually. Mexico City can be easily reached by plane, an Feria de Texcoco is very near from Mexico City. The Festival can be reached by car or public transport. You´ll find more info here.

Where to Sleep?
You don't go to sleep, you go to rock! OK, you can stay at a hotel in Mexico City, but there will be a camping ground. You can book it here

How Much?
The tickets cost 950MXN (about 53€) for 1 day and 1500MXN (about 84€) for 2 days. That's very reasonable to see all those bands
Tickets with access to a special VIP zone are also available. You´ll find more info here, or you can buy online here.

So.. are you ready to Rock in Mexico with Metal Traveller? See you at the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest

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Guns'n'Roses in Mexico
Guns'n'Roses live in Ciudad de México
Guns'n'Roses selfie
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