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Rock Al Parque Festival
Parque Simón Bolívar - Bogotá, Colombia
June 29 2013

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Havok live in Bogotá

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Performance:   5/5
Lights:                     4/5
Sound:             4,5/5
Atmosphere:            4/5

Havok? I had never heard of this band before that day!

I didn’t know who they were, I didn’t know what they played, but I’m always curious about discovering new music so I went to check their show and… Woah! How could I have lived that long without knowing about them?

When the show started, I thought “good, I like that riff” (Of course, it was Covering Fire!).

Then I though “Mmm... These guys sound really powerful”…
And by the middle of the first song I was totally into the show.

Havok play old-school Thrash Metal with fresh and renewed energy. They got balls, and the will to go forward.
The songs are fast, catchy, and they definitely aren’t simple. All four members in the band are really skilled musicians, fast and precise.

The guys also gave it all on stage, headbanging on every song, just like the crowds.
In fact, Havok conquered a new audience tonight!
Thrash Metal is very popular in Colombia and Havok made the crowds go crazy.

Reece Scruggs with Havok in Colombia
Mike Leon from Havok on stage in Bogotá
Pete Webber from Havok, live in Bogotá

Havok came to South America exclusively for this show, so it was a very special moment.

Moreover, this was Havok’s first ever show in South America, so the band was really excited about it.
You know how it’s like to see the “wild” South American fans for the first time…

Rock Al Parque is an enormous festival and about 47000 people attended that day. Havok didn't play the Main Stage, but still some 15 000 metalheads were there to see the show.
Is that a warm welcome or what?

Well, I think the reaction of the crowds was, at least, as they expected. Probably better.
As for me, I didn’t knew the band so I wasn’t expecting anything particular, but I was pleased to discover them.

After that, I listened to their albums and they’re all really good, especially Time Is Up and the latest one, Unnatural Selection.

As a great live act with only 3 albums, I know that Havok is on the right path to achieve big things.
This band is going to get far. They deserve it, I really hope they will.

Dave and Reece from Havok live at Rock Al Parque Festival in Bogotá
Reece Scruggs on guitars

The band played for 1 hour and 10 minutes.
Their set was intense. Although I didn't knew a single song, I enjoyed every single minute.

After Havok, I went to the main stage to see Masacre, a Black / Death Metal band that's been around for almost 3 decades...

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Setlist Havok – Rock Al Parque Festival – Bogotá, Colombia – June 29 2013

01. Covering Fire
02. Point of No Return
03. Give Me Liberty...or Give Me Death
04. Scumbag in Disguise
05. Worse Than War
06. Fatal Intervention
07. I Am the State
08. From the Cradle to the Grave
09. D.O.A.
10. Unnatural Selection
11. Afterburner
12. Time Is Up

Havok Links:

Havok Website
Havok CDs at
Havok iTunes downloads
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Havok band Line-up:

David Sanchez – Vocals / Guitar
Reece Scruggs – Guitar
Mike Leon – Bass
Pete Weber – Drums
Havok live in Bogotá
David Sanchez from Havok
Reece from Havok live at Rock Al Parque Festival in Bogotá
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