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Geneva Arena - Geneva, Switzerland
July 2 , 1997

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Street poster for KISS live at Geneva Arena, Switzerland, July 2 1997

Yes, I know, those pictures are awful. That's why you can't click to see them bigger. For better pictures see the KISS Paris 2008 review.

But they're important, this was my first KISS show, and that's something to remember.

It happened during the summer of 1997.
16 year old Metal Traveller opened a local newspaper in Geneva and discovered that KISS was playing two days later!

The reunion tour started in 1996 and ended on July 5 1997 at Finsbury Park in London. This concert was just before the one in London!

Geneva Arena, Switzerland - Back in 1997

I went with my friend Nicolas, who happened to be in Geneva in those days too.

We arrived early to the venue as we thought there was going to be a lot of people waiting. Well, we were the first folks to get there...

Gene Simmons from KISS playing at Geneva Arena, Geneva

Around 2pm people started to come and told us there was a KISS Army fan Club Convention at the nearby Holyday Inn Hotel.

This was the first Fan Club Convention I ever attended, and to be honest, I have only attended another one more since then (from Iron Maiden, in 2002).

We got to the first row when got into the venue. Hey, we were the first to come, we deserved it!

can you recognize Peter Criss' drum? - KISS live in Geneva, July 2 1997

The show was bigger than I had ever imagine!
When KISS began playing Deuce with Ace, Gene and Paul headbanging side by side, I went out of my mind!

And the best part, the second song was one of my KISS all-time favourites: King Of The Night Time World.
I couldn't stand still, I was singing and headbanging with Nico and a spanish guy we met on the line.
But most of the audience was relatively calm. Yes, that's Switzerland!

The show went on with loads of fireworks and some special effects typical from KISS.

We had the siren during Firehouse, Gene spitting fire and flying on the stage just before God Of Thunder, Ace fireing rockets from his guitar, Peter gave roses during Beth... And Paul broke his guitar!
I caught a piece of the guitar, but an older, stronger and taller guy beside me took it away :-(

Paul Stanley playing at geneva Arena - Kiss live in Geneva, Switzerland - July 2 1997

Regarding the setlist, I was happy to hear all those classic KISS tunes, such a reunion tour is something that happens only once in a lifetime.
I would have loved to hear some songs from "my generation" such as Forever or God Gave Rock n'Roll To You but it was not the occasion. Maybe someday they'll play these songs again...

Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley under a confetti rain during Rock n'Roll All Nite - Kiss live in Geneva, Switzerland - July 2 1997

KISS threw loads of guitar picks and I was lucky to catch one from Ace Freehley!
This was great gift: My first guitar pick from a band.
Of course I still have it after all these years!

I'll remember this night forever!

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Metal Traveller with his ticket for KISS - Kiss live in Geneva, Switzerland - July 2 1997

Setlist Kiss – Geneva Arena, Geneva, Switzerland – July 2, 1997

01. Deuce
02. King Of The Night Time World
03. Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll
04. Do You Love Me?
05. Firehouse
06. Watchin’ You
07. Shock Me + Ace’s solo
08. Calling Dr. Love
09. Shout It Out Loud
10. Love Gun
11. Cold Gin
12. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
13. Gene’s solo + God Of Thunder
14. Peter’s solo + New York Groove
15. 100,000 Years
16. Black Diamond
17. Detroit Rock City
18. Beth
19. Rock And Roll All Nite

Nico and his ticket - Kiss live in Geneva, Switzerland - July 2 1997

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Kiss Line-up:

Paul Stanley - Vocals / Guitars
Gene Simmons - Bass / Vocals
Ace Freehley - Guitars
Peter Criss - Drums

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