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Orquideorama del Jardín Botánico - Medellín, Colombia
December 18 2013

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Dancers before the show

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Kraken is the most important Metal band in Colombia and of the most important bands in South America. 
They have a long career spanning through 3 decades and they have created a very loyal fanbase in Colombia and other nearby countries. 

Although Kraken is now practically based in Bogotá, the band was born in Medellín, and here, where everything started, is where they decided to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

This special event was named La Fortaleza del Titán, meaning The Strength of the Titan, as the name of the band refers to a Titan in Greek Mythology. 

It was held at the Orquideorama, in the grounds of Medellín Botanical Gardens. It might seem a strange place to organize a Rock concert but it actually was a great choice for it.
It feels good to be at an open air show, especially in December!

The event was completely sold out. Fan club members had priority to get tickets, while many contests were also organized. But the questions weren't that easy so they made sure that only big fans would win.
People came from every corner of Colombia to witness this special event so the band knew that they had to play a faultless show.

At 9:15 pm the lights went off and four dancers dressed like silver astronauts appeared on stage while we heard a futuristic voice speaking.
Then the band came out under a general ovation and started to play Soy Real, one of their best known songs.
The audience response was incredible! Everyone knew the lyrics and many people were waving flags with the K of the Kraken logo.

In addition to a generous light show, there were large screens in the rear of the stage, showing images according to the songs.
The sound was loud enough but of different quality, depending on where people were standing

Everyone at the Orquideorama was singing the lyrics of every song, even those from La Barca de los Locos which is Kraken’s newest song and videoclip.

Kraken is a band that knows how to adapt to its audience. Earlier this year I saw them at a small club and at a huge festival, and all shows were very different in many aspects, like the setlist, the speeches or the way the stand on stage.

But this concert can’t be compared to any other Kraken concert, it was the celebration of their 30th anniversary and it was filmed for an upcoming DVD release!

Elkin Ramírez from Kraken
Ricardo Wolff on guitars
Kraken flags
Rubén Gelvez with Kraken 30 years anniversary concert - Orquideorama del Jardín Botánico in Medellín

During Seres de Barro y Miedo the dancer astronauts appeared again and we heard the robotic voice, saying that the destination of the ship was Planet Earth.

They appeared again on stage after Silencioso Amor, and remained alone on stage for a few minutes. They performed a dance in which they took off their helmets, like if they were being reborn, or just feeling human again.

After that, the band plated Todo Hombre es una Historia, one of my favourite songs.
Then Elkin made us scream “No no no” and I thought that the next tune was going to be No Me Hables de Amor, but instead they played Fugitivo... and that was a great surprise because they don’t play this one very often!
I even thought that one of the original Kraken members was going to show up during that one, but it didn’t happen.
This was an anniversary show but there was no room for nostalgia, Kraken keeps on moving forward with this strong line-up, that has already been around for several years.
I guess the setlist was hard to chose because they have written so many good songs over the years.

During Muere Libre the dancers came on stage again, without the helmets, and each one waving a Kraken flag.
When the song ended, Elkin thanked everyone involved in the making of this concert: the promoter, the audience, the fan club members, the dancers, the journalists, those who organized tours from other cities, people close to the band and some public and private sponsors.

But Kraken didn't want to leave the stage, and no one wanted to go home!
So they had to play one more, and this time they went on with an awesome version of No Me Hables De Amor.
Bass player Luis Ramírez wore one of the dancer’s astronaut helmets, while Elkin waved a Kraken flag during the solo.

Again, people screamed for one more and they played Hijos Del Sur, another of my favourite Kraken songs, followed by No Te Detengas.

The end of the show was full of emotions, with Elkin holding the other band members in his arms and thanking the people in the audience. One could see in the faces of each band member how happy they were.

Elkin Ramírez - La Fortaleza del Titán
Luis A. Ramírez from Kraken

Elkin Ramírez in Medellín

As the band said goodbye, some fans gave some presents and even an award to Elkin, and someone got on stage to get his t-shirt signed!

Kraken finally left the stage at 12:30AM, wishing us all a merry Christmas, after an amazing and classy 3 hours and 15 minutes concert!
What a celebration, and what a Christmas gift!

They performed a very dynamic concert, mixing music, show and dance, over a total of 23 songs.

I’m not surprised that Kraken has managed to build such a large fanbase over the years.
This band respects its audience, the live performances are never disappointing and they play the songs with their heart.

This was my last concert of 2013 there couldn't have been a better way to end the year!
It was an unforgettable night , and I can't wait to see the upcoming DVD to live these magic moments again.

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Setlist Kraken – Orquideorama del Jardín Botánico – Medellín, – December 18 2013

01. Soy Real
02. Camino A La Montaña Negra
03. Palabras Que Sangran
04. La Barca de los Locos
05. Desde El Exilio
06. Sin Miedo Al Dolor
07. Vestido De Cristal
08. Amnesia
09. Seres de Barro Y Miedo
10. Después Del Final
11. Azul
12. Lenguaje De Mi Piel
13. Silencioso Amor
—— Interlude with the dancers ——
14. Todo Hombre Es Una Historia
15. Escudo Y Espada
16. Fugitivo
17. Cuervos De Sal
18. Rostros Ocultos
19. Frágil Al Viento
20. Muere Libre
21. No Me Hables De Amor
22. Hijos Del Sur
23. No Te Detengas

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Kraken band Line-up:

Elkin Ramírez – Vocals
Andrés Leyva – Guitar
Ricardo Wolff – Guitar
Luis A. Ramírez – Bass
Julián Puerto – Drums
Rubén Gelvez – Keyboards
Andrés Leyva - La Fortaleza del Titán
La Foertalez del Titán - 30 years - Kraken live in Medellín
Julián Puerto in Medellín
Kraken 30 años
Elkin Ramírez thanks the crowds of Medellín
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