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The Bitch Is Back... Live
Release date: October 28 2013

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Genre: Hard Rock

Lita Ford - The Bitch Is Back ... Live
Metal Traveller Rating: 4/5 (Raise Your Fist)

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Lita Ford The Bitch Is Back... Live album cover

The Bitch is Back says Lita Ford, and she’s ready to kick your ass!
This is a live album recorded in the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California, on October 5 2012 during the Living Like A Runaway World Tour.
I only have seen Lita Ford on stage once, playing a festival show in a summer afternoon, but hearing this record makes me want to catch a full headlining show!

The party atmosphere has been captured during each one of these 12 songs although the record last slightly less than an hour, so it’s likely that the concert has been edited and we don't have the full show.


Both old and new songs sound great on this live album. Tunes from the Living Like A Runaway album are very powerful on stage, especially the title track and Hate, which is one of the highlights of the record and also one of the best Lita Ford songs ever, in my opinion.
I love Living Like A Runaway, it’s a great record, so find really cool that four songs of the songs ended up on this Live Album.
Strangely, the single Mother didn't make it. What a pity, because it's a very beautiful song.

Classic songs like Out For Blood, Hungry and Dancin’ On The Edge sound really powerful and punchy.
There’s also an amazing version of Back To The Cave, and you can also hear Lita recalling how she wrote Can’t Catch Me with Lemmy from Motörhead.
One thing is sure, Lita might have a long musical career but her songs, her energy and her voice hasn't aged at all.

The album ends with the two most popular Lita Ford anthems: Close My Eyes Forever and Kiss Me Deadly.
We hear a fan screaming "Ozzyyy!!" and Lita answers that he's not here so the crowds will have to sing his part... and so we have a great version of Close My Eyes Forever.
Finally, the party mood at the venue can be felt during this great performance of Kiss Me Deadly.

Even if we his record doesn’t provide the full concert, it has enough power to make the listener feel like he was actually attending the show.

Something very important is that there are only four songs in common with her previous live recording Greatest Hits Live!, so that makes The Bitch Is Back... Live a really worthwhile album.

Lita is preparing a new studio record right now, and The Bitch Is Back... Live is exactly what the fans need to keep them waiting until the next record and the forthcoming tour!

Lita Ford
Picture: Metal Traveller

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Lita Ford Line-up:

Lita Ford – Vocals / Guitar
Mitch Perry – Guitar
Marty O´Brien – Bass
Bobby Rock – drums

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Tracklist Lita Ford - The Bitch Is Back... Live

01. The Bitch Is Back... Live
02. Hungry
03. Relentless
04. Living Like a Runaway
05. Devil in My Head
06. Back to the Cave
07. Can't Catch Me
08. Out For Blood
09. Dancing On The Edge
10. Hate
11. Close My Eyes Forever
12. Kiss Me Deadly

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