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Eight Pieces - One World
Release date: June 28 2013

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Genre: Progressive Heavy Metal
Metal Traveller Rating: (4/5 - Raise Your Fist)

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Max Pie Eight Pieces - One World album cover

A new star is rising in the sky of Progressive Heavy Metal. It hails from Belgium and its name is Max Pie.
Their socond album is named Eight Pieces - One World and it has everything that takes to please the fans of this style. There's a great singer, high class guitar solos and a solid rhythm section.

The most recognizable influences are perhaps Symphony X, Vanden Plas and Kamelot, but Max Pie's music is a unique mix that brings together elements of Heavy, Power, Neo classical and Progressive Metal.


Only 2 of the 8 songs in Eight Pieces - One World are less than 5 minutes long. Yet, even if they're long, the songs aren't repetitive or boring. Frequent rhythm changes and catchy melodies make you want to keep listening to the whole album, starting with the great riff of A Cage Of Sins, until the epic last song Don't Tell Me Lies.

One of the assets of Max Pie is Tony Carlino's voice. It's very versatile, it can be melodic or aggressive depending on what the song needs.

Although keyboards can be heard in every song, the guitar drives most of the melodies of the record. Guitar player Damien Di Fresco has done an amazing work, but the band also invited Simone Mularoni from DGM as a special guest on a couple of tracks.
All the solos are very creative and well constructed, mixing melody with virtuosity. I'm In Love, I'm Sealed and Addictions have really grandiose solos. The latter is perhaps the least "Prog" and most Power Metal song. I'm sure it will become of the band's favourites on stage.

The solo in Earth Rules includes some oriental influences, while the one in Don't Tell Me Lies is a musical dialogue between the guitar and the keyboards. These two are also my favourite songs from the album.

The Belgians have made it! Max Pie had the inspiration to create an outstanding album where each song has something special and unique.

With Eight Pieces - One World, Max Pie enters the circle of the best Progressive Metal bands.
If you're into this style, you definitely need to give it a try. This albu already is one of the highlights of the year.

Max Pie the band
Picture: Promo Mausoleum Records

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Max Pie Line-up:

Tony Carlino – Vocals
Damien Di Fresco – Guitars / Keyboards
Olivier Lemiere – Bass
Sylvain Godenne – Drums

Special Guest
Simone Mularoni (DGM) – Guitar

Max Pie Links:

Max Pie Website
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Max Pie iTunes downloads

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Tracklist Max Pie

01.Cage Of Sins
02.I’m Sealed
03.Earth’s Rules
04.I’m In Love
06.The Side Of A Dime
08.Don’t Tell Me Lies

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