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Trabendo - Paris, France
December 2, 2010

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Bobby Ingram from Molly Hatchet live in Paris

It's been while since the last time I saw Bobby Ingram and the boys from Molly Hatchet on stage!
Even in Lynyrd Skynyrd played in Paris in 2009, we've been kind of short from Southern Rock latelly.

Molly Hatchet were booked a the Trabendo, a quite small venue, but big enough to mmake a good party!

Phil McCormack singing with the mighty Molly Hatchet in Paris

Unfortunately, I couldn't make it on time to see Natchez, the opening band. Many people inside told me they did a very good concert, so I hope to catch them live sometime in the future.

Molly Hatchet came out on stage with an invitation to party: the song Whiskey Man!

Worth to note, the sound was too loud and the lights quite poor. But the energy of the band was there to make us forget these details.

Bobby Ingram live at the Trabendo in Paris with Molly Hatchet

Bobby Ingram is definitely the leader of the band: he loves to stand in the centre of the stage and he's a big showman.

But he's also smiling all the time: you can see in his face that he enjoys what he does, he enjoys playing with his band after all those years.

Dave Hlubek - Guitars and Cigarettes

Dave Hlubek has got enormous! It was almost hard to recognize him, but at least his benny is well-earned: For sure he's got a good Rock'n'Roll life!
He doesn't only play guitar, he also smoked his pack of cigarettes on stage.

Anyway, he's a very talented rythm and lead guitar player, but he's not a showman like Bobby Ingram.

Tim Lindsey from Molly Hatchet live in Paris

On bass we had Tim Lindsey, hidden behind his long blond hair. He kept the rythm along with Shawn Beamer.

John Galvin was hidden behind his Keyboard, but his melodies ad his sound give Molly Hatchet that so special sound.

Phil McCormack on vocals - Molly Hatchet live in Paris

On vocals, Phil McCormack was great. His voice sounded great, and he talked a lot to the audience on a very friendly way. There's always a minute between the songs to tell a couple of jokes!

A fan threw a confederate flag on stage. Phil McCormack unfolded it behind Bobby Ingram.

Shawn Beamer with Molly Hatchet live in Paris

Molly Hatchet played for about 1:30 minutes, but it seemed way shorter to me.
The setlist included two cover songs: Dreams (I’ll never see) from The Allman Brothers Band and a very emotive version of the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic Free Bird.

They have so many albums and good songs, so maybe die-hard fans would say that they should have played another tune of their own. I won't complain.

Unortunately, Fall Of The Peacemakers was not played complete.

Bobby Ingram from Molly Hatchet live in Paris

The songGonna Live Til’ I Die was dedicated to Ronnie James Dio on a very special way!
Phil McCormack made the audience scream "Dio Dio" for quite a long time, as loud as we could.
That's was a nice tribute!

Tim Linsey, Bobby Ingram and Dave Hlubek - Molly Hatchet live in Paris

The show ended with the all-time classic Flirtin’ With Disaster, and iit was announced that the band will sign autographs at the merchandising stand after the show.

It was a very nice evening shared with very talented musicians who try to be as close as possible to their fans.
Bring back Southern Rock anytime you want!

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Setlist Molly Hatchet – Trabendo - Paris, France – December 2, 2010

01. Whiskey Man
02. Bounty Hunter
03. Gator Country
04. Been To Heaven Been To Hell
05. Fall Of The Peacemakers
06. Justice
07. Beatin’ The Odds
08. Gonna Live Til’ I Die
09. Jukin’ City
10. Dreams (I’ll Never see)
11. Free Bird
12. Flirtin’ With Disaster

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Molly Hatchet Line-up:

Phil McCormack – Vocals
Bobby Ingram – Guitars
Dave Hlubek – Guitars
Tim Lindsey – Bass
Shawn Beamer – Drums
John Galvin – Keyboards
Phil McCormack and Bobby Ingram from Molly Hatchet in Paris
Bobby Ingram playing guitars with Molly Hatchet in Paris
Molly Hatchet says thanks to Paris!
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