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Stadio Brianteo - Monza, Italy
June 27 , 2009

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And so the time came for the last band of the day. This was the third time Mötley Crüe were headlining the Gods Of Metal festival, and to me it was the second time seeing the band here.

Mötley Crüe in Europe is something exceptional, so this year I was lucky to catch them twice: First time at Clisson's Hellfest, and second time here at the Gods Of Metal festival.

Ronnie James Dio with Motley Crue in Milan

The previous week Mötley played their first show in France in 20 years. It was OK, but to be honest I knew they could do better, and that’s why I was expecting tonight’s gig...

The beginning of the show was something impressive: There was a big curtain covering the whole CrüeFest Stage, and it fell down as soon as the started Kickstart My Heart.

Tony Iommi with Motley Crue in Milan

The sound was not that good, but it got better after a few songs.
Anyway, the energy was there and Vince Neil was singing way better than the week before.

The musicians were on a conquered land: Mötley Crüe has played 3 times the Gods Of Metal Festival since 2006, and the were really at ease on stage.

Geezer Butler with Motley Crue in Milan

Vince Neil communicated a lot with the audience, but Nicky Sixx and Tommy Lee also made a few speeches.
This time Tommy talked about how good it felt to be back in Italy, while in France the previous week he didn’t know what to say and just asked the audience to scream “Oh Yeah”.
He brought a bottle of Jägermeister and gave some shots to the folks on the first rows.

Even Mick Mars looked healthier and in good shape, as he was moving through the stage.

Vinny Appice with Motley Crue in Milan

There was one negative point about the organization.

Mötley Crüe announced that they’ll play the whole Dr Feelgood album on the US leg of the Crüe Fest.

But the Gods Of Metal organizers put on their website that Mötley would also play this album in Italy.

Geezer Butler and Ronnie Dio live

I’m sure the Mötley Crüe folks learnt that on the same day while arriving to the campground...
This caused some disappointment among fans.
I knew they wouldn’t play the whole Dr Fellgod but a lot of people believed that they would…

Anyway, the setlist included 4 songs from that album, including Don’t Go Away Mad, which replaced Looks that Kill. It was the only difference compared with the Hellfest setlist.

Ronnie James Dio live in Milan with Heaven and Hell

The show ended with Home Sweet Home, starring Tommy Lee on a grand piano.

Quite strange to end a rock’n’roll show with a ballad, but this is a really good one.

But I still think the show was too short, it lasted only for an hour and 20 minutes... Just like Poison at the Sweden Rock festival in 2008.

Geezer Butler live in Milan 2009

Only 12 songs for a headlining act, that’s not enough…
To be honest I can’t say it was the concert of the year, but it was very enjoyable, and way better than the one at the Hellfest

Some nice fireworks reached the sky to celebrate the end of the first night of the Festival and so the Gods Of Metal 2009 was over for us.

Dio, Vinny Appice and Toni Iommi... Black Sabbath!

After that we hit the road with Christelle and slept at Ricardo’s place.

We didn’t go to the second day of the Gods Of Metal festival, as there were only two interesting bands to us: Saxon and Blind Guardian.
Finally Saxon Cancelled, so absolutely no regrets.

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Setlist Mötley Crüe – Gods Of Metal Festival, Stadio Brianteo, Monza, Italy – June 27, 2009

01. Kickstart My Heart
02. Wild Side
03. Shout At The Devil
04. Saints Of Los Angeles
-- Guitar Solo --
05. Live Wire
06. Motherfucker Of The Year
07. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
08. Same Ol' Situation
09. Primal Scream
10. Girls, Girls, Girls
11. Dr. Feelgood
12. Home Sweet Home

Vinny Appice and Tony Iommi from Motley Crue in Milan - June 27 2009
Dehumanizer on stage
Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice live in Milan 2009

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Motley Crue Line-up:

Vince Neil - Vocals / Additional Guitars
Mick Mars - Guitars
Nikki Sixx - Bass
Tommy Lee - Drums
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