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Zénith - Paris, France
November 21 2011

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Official Motörhead T-Shirt No Album 'Til Next Year

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Motörhead were promoting their latest record, called The Wörld Is Yours. But that’s only an excuse to be on tour, you know that this band loves to be on the road!

On the back of an official T-shirt it was written No Album til next year, so anyone spreading rumours about Motörhead quitting can shut the f*ck up.

Lemmy from Motörhead at the Zénith in Paris France

The Zénith has become the headquarter of Motörhead in Paris. For the last ten years, all their gigs in town have been here. Their previous gig here was two years ago.

This time they didn't play only in Paris, they also played a few gigs around France. Motörhead doing a French Tour? The last time that happened was in 1998!

Phil, Lemmy and Mikkey - Motörhead live in Paris

3 generations of hard rock maniacs were here tonight to see Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey.
They knew what we wanted, and that's exactly what they gave us!

If we wanted sound, well we had sound! It was very loud, maybe even for the usual Motörhead standard.

If we wanted rock’n’roll, we had a great dose of rock’n’roll classics on the setlist.

Mikkey Dee on drums - Live in Paris with Motörhead

And if we wanted rare songs, there were rare songs!
For this tour, Motörhead decided to get a few forgotten classics back into the setlist.
I loved to hear tunes like The One To Sing The Blues and Orgasmatron.

If we wanted lights... Well, that was a problem. The lightshow was quite poor and minimalist.

Lemmy on stage - Motörheadt live in Paris

Given the high price of the ticket (about 55 euro) I think we could have expected a bit more of "show", something more visual.
But the prices are fixed by the promoter, and all concerts organized by Gérard Drouot are always expensive.

The Motörhead France Backdrop

Nevertheless, there was a very pleasant surprise: The regular backdrop fell down during the song Orgasmatron. But it wasn’t an accident: there was another backdrop behind that looked like the classic “Motörhead Engand” shirt, but the name of the country was changed to “France”.

The audience was so pleased about it that the end of the show everyone wanted a picture in front of the stage with this “Motörhead France” backdrop.

Who's The Man Behind The Mask? Jason? The Phantom of the Opera? Or Phil Campbell?

Phill Campbell was wearing a white mask while doing his guitar solo. It was a very good solo by the way, where we could hear his distinctive feeling on his playing.

They didn’t play Just 'Cos You Got The Power, so Mikkey Dee’s classic and powerful drum solo was played in the middle of Sacrifice.

Lemmy was acclaimed several times during the show. The crowds shouted “Lemmy Lemmy” instead of “Motörhead”.
Lemmy has always been respected but I think that now he’s more respected than ever. That’s probably since the movie was released.

But in spite of a powerful rock’n’roll discharge, I have to say that this wasn’t the best Motörhead show I’ve seen.
The sound was way too loud, Lemmy wasn’t very talkative and there were almost no lights.

Lemmy on Harmonica during Whorehouse Blues - Motörhead live at the Zénith

But seeing Motörhead live is always a great experience and this concert was not the exception.

We’re very lucky to have this kind of band, the one that never gets tired of going on tour.
Long Live Motörhead, and see you next year!

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Setlist Motörhead – Zénith - Paris, France – November 21 2011

01. Bomber
02. Damage Case
03. I Know How to Die
04. Stay Clean
05. Metropolis
06. Over the Top
07. One Night Stand
—— Guitar Solo ——
08. The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
09. Get Back In Line
10. The One To Sing the Blues
—— Drum Solo ——
11. Orgasmatron
12. Going to Brazil
13. Killed By Death
14. Iron Fist
15. Whorehouse Blues
16. Ace Of Spades
17. Overkill

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Motörhead Line-up:

Lemmy Kilmister – Vocals / Bass
Phil Campell – Guitars
Mikkey Dee – Drums
Mikkey Dee on guitars playing Whorehouse Blues
Phil Campbell on guitars with Motörhead, live at the Zénith in Paris
Motörhead France
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