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Bataclan - Paris, France
September 16, 2009

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Paul Gilbert from Mr Big live in concert

I had been waiting this moment for so long!

After a few shows in Japan, the Mr. Big Reunion Tour came to Europe!

The Bataclan is a nice place, but the problem of this venue is as usual the poor light show.

Little promotion was made for that show, but the Bataclan was almost full. Most of the people in the audience were over 30 years. Yes, everyone knows the song To Be With You but not everyone knows who composed!

Eric Martin - Mr. Big in Paris

The beginning of the show was totally remarkable, with the setlist including the songs Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy, Take Cover and Green Tinted Sixties Minds.

The guys from Mr Big are amazing musicians.
Everybody knows that.
And if you don’t, they’ll prove it to you during their show.

Each musician played his own solo, and Paul Gilbert even played two guitar solos.

Billy Sheehan live in concert with Mr Big

The show lasted for almost two hours, so it was long enough for all these solos.

But I had to say that in the end it was a bit boring.
The atmosphere felt down for almost an hour in the middle of the show, when they started to alternate songs and demonstrative solos.

Of course a lot of people stayed in the first rows to watch the show, but the bar at the back of the venue quickly filled-up too.

Mr Big: Billy, Pat, Paul and Eric - The whole band playing double-necked guitars and basses

Anyway, the best solo they played was a guitar / bass duel on double-necked instruments.
Billy and Paul were playing melodies when they were joined on stage by their bandmates Eric and Pat.

They were all four playing two instruments and not only it sound great, was it also impressive visually.

PaPat Torpey playing drums with Mr Big

By the encores Mr. Big ended the show with some of their best songs.
Besides their hit To be With You, they also played Colorado Bulldog, which is one of my favourite tunes.

Cover songs Baba O’Riley and Shy Boy were played with an incredible feeling, and they even surprised us by covering AC/DC’s Highway To Hell .

For a two hour show, I think they pleased everyone: The ones who came for the hits, and the ones who came to watch the musician’s technical skills.

Billy Sheehan on his Double neck bass and Paul Gilbert with his double neck guitar

A very nice evening, even if I have to admit that there were a few boring moments to me.
So Mr. Big are back, they’re alive and well and… I’m right here waiting for the brand new album and the following tour!

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Setlist Mr. Big – Bataclan, Paris, France – September 16, 2009

01. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy
02. Take Cover
03. Green-Tinted Sixties Mind
04. Alive And Kickin’
05. Next Time Around
06. Hold Your Head Up
07. Just Take My Heart
08. Temperamental
09. It’s For You (Three Dog Night)
-- Pat Torpey Solo --
10. Price You Gotta Pay
11. Stay Together
12. Wild World
13. Take A Walk
-- Paul Solo/Paul & Billy Solo --
14. The Whole World Is Gonna Know
15. Rock And Roll Over
-- Billy Solo --
16. Addicted To That Rush, (Highway to Hell + Riff-Raff)
17. To Be With You
18. Colorado Bulldog
19. Shy Boy
20. Baba O’Reilly

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Mr. Big Line-up:

Eric Martin – Vocals
Paul Gilbert – Guitars
Billy Sheehan – Bass
Pat Torpey – Drums

Paul Gilbert - Mr. Big live in Paris
Eric Martin and Paul Gilbert - Mr. Big live in Paris
Wild World, To Be with You... Paul Gilbert playing an acoustic guitar
Playing guitar with the teeth! Paul Gilbert from Mr. Big live in Paris 2009
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