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Live in Colombia

Live in Colombia

La Hamburguesería Colina - Bogotá, Colombia
October 2 2014

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Dave Lombardo live in Bogotá Colombia
Philm - Gerry Nestler live in Colombia

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Performance:    5/5
Setlist:              4,5/5
Lights:                     3,5/5
Sound:                     4/5
Atmosphere:           4/5

Philm is the new experimental / progressive Metal band from Dave Lombardo, Gerry Nestler and Pancho Tomaselli.
They’ve just released their second record, Fire from the Evening Sun, and they came all the way to Bogotá for a show.
Two events were organized that day, a drum clinic with the master Dave Lombardo at 5pm, followed by a Philm show. I only could attend the show.

The trio got stage around 10pm and all 3 musicians were lined in the front of the stage. That was awesome! Seeing Dave Lombardo performing from such a short distance was more impressive that I could ever imagine!
Dave is not only one of best drummers in Metal, but also the most famous musician in the band so many people went to the show to see him.
But Gerry and Pancho are incredibly talented and the trio has developed a unique chemistry.
Pancho is very groovy and his fingers are very fast. He forms a very strong rhythm section with Dave.
Gerry Nestler explores with chords, solos, unpredictable and sometimes dissonant melodies, as well as with his many pedals and effects.

Philm’s music is very experimental and can sound strange. It’s certainly not for everybody, but it’s extremely powerful and once you’re caught by the groove, there’s no way back.
Hearing the albums is very different from seeing the band on stage, as there are many subtleties and there’s room for improvisation. They have no limits when it comes to mixing Metal, jazz and other styles.

Everyone was impressed by the skills of such talented musicians that caught everyone’s attention for around 80 minutes. Songs like Train, Way Down, Lady Of The Lake and Held In Light were very well received.
They didn’t play their Symptom Of The Universe cover, or any Slayer songs, but they did perform an exclusive new song at the end. It doesn’t have any lyrics yet and it was probably only an early version that will sound very different when it’s recorded, but it was a privilege to hear it.

There wasn't much talking between the songs, but there was a big smile on Gerry's face when he stated how happy they were to be here. And the whole crowd was happy too! This was not a “classic” Metal concert, but it was an unforgettable one.

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Setlist Philm – La Hamburguesería Colina – Bogotá, Colombia – October 2 2014

01. Far From The Evening Sun
02. Vitriolize
03. Fanboy
04. Blue Dragon
05. Train
05. Omniscience
07. Sex Amp
08. Dome
09. Lady Of The Lake
10. We Sail At Dawn
11. Held In Light
12. Silver Queen
13. Mitch
14. Mild
15. Lion's Pit
16. New Song

Philm Links:

Philm Website
Philm on Flickr

Philm band Line-up:

Gerry Nestler – Vocals / Guitar
Pancho Tomaselli – Bass
Dave Lombardo – Drums
Pancho Tomaselli from Philm live in Colombia
Dave Lombardo -  Philm live in Bogotá
Gerry Nestler from Philm, live in Colombia
Dave and Pancho from Philm live in Bogotá
Dave Lombardo - Philm in Colombia
Philm live in Bogotá
Pancho Tomaselli and Dave Lombardo - Philm live in Colombia
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