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Release date: May 24 2013

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Genre: Heavy Prog Rock
Metal Traveller Rating: (4/5 - Very good)

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Powerworld album cover

Cybersteria is the third album from Powerworld, the band from the former Freedom Call bassist, Ilker Ersin.
If you do not know them, don’t expect anything like Freedom Call’s Happy Metal style. Powerworld plays a melodic Heavy Metal with some Progressive rock influences, where mid-tempo songs dominate.

This album also marks the debut of Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart, ex-Bonfire) as the new Powerworld singer. David Reece (ex-Accept) left the band due to musical differences.


The lyrics are very important on this record. They’re inspired by the gradual digitalization of society and the lack of privacy resulting from the ubiquity of Facebook and Skype, among others.
The name of the band also makes sense. The Powerworld is this world is this digital world, where the boundary between real and virtual reality becomes less and less noticeable.

The album is about the search for freedom by disconnecting or escaping from the Powerworld. It’s somewhat reminding of the Matrix movies, and so is the cover. But if you take a closer look, we’re not talking science-fiction, and this is the message given by Cybersteria. 1984, Orson Welles ... Haven’t we reached this point?

Contrary to what one might think, the music does not sound mechanical and the use of samples and keyboards is not excessive. The keyboards are used on every song but the guitar remains the main melodic instrument.
So, in a way, music also managed to escape from this Powerworld governed by machines.
Finally, the record sounds pretty classic for the genre. There is some experimentation, but it doesn’t go that far, it’s still melodic metal.

Back On Me is an excellent and easy to remember song with Hard Rock influences.
Like A Shadow and Coast Of Tears and also have superb choruses, while Black Ash is a more melodic tune. The song Cyberdteria is also notable for its great and unusual riff.

I think Cybersteria is a very good album. It definitely ranks Powerworld as one of the greatest new bands of the German Metal scene. Plus, most of us could easily identify daily situations on Cybersteria lyrics.

It really is time to disconnect and, to do that, let’s start by turning off the computer and putting Cybersteria on the CD player!

Powerworld the band

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Powerworld Line-up:

Michael Bormann – Vocals
Andreas Rippelmeier – Guitar
Ilker Ersin – Bass
Marco Grasshoff – Keyboards
Guido Gallus – Drums

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Tracklist Powerworld

01. Children of the Universe
02. Slave to the Powerworld
03. Back On Me
04. World Knows Your Secrets – Virtuality
05. You Gotta Hold On
06. Am I Digital?
07. Coast Of Tears
08. Black Ash
09. Like A Shadow
10. Cybersteria
11. You Will Find A Way
12. Not Bound to the Evil

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