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Royal Center - Bogotá, Colombia
August 9 2014

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Quiet Riot kicking ass in Colombia!
Quiet Riot - Jizzy Pearl

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Performance:    5/5
Setlist:               5/5
Lights:               5/5
Sound:                     3,5/5
Atmosphere:             4/5

Quiet Riot was one of the first hard rock bands that ever visited colombia, in the late 80's. For this reason, they've earned a special place in the heart of Colombian Metalheads.

Many things have changed 25 years later, but Quiet Riot was in Bogotá again to rock the place!

20 minutes after a great show from Faster Pussycat, Quiet Riot got on stage under a colourful lightshow and made clear that they were here to make us bang our heads!

Run For Cover, Silk Black Cadillac, Mama Weer All Crazee Now... everyone got instantly in the mood for a rock party! The atmosphere was really good, and everyone was headbanging, singing, or playing air guitar.

This was my first Quiet Riot concert and on stage, this band is pure dynamite!
Alex Grossi is a gifted guitar player, Chuck Wright is a great bass player, and Frankie Banali is a real rhythm machine, not to mention that he's also a living legend.
Jizzy Pearl, known for hos work with Love / Hate, Ratt, and L.A. Guns, has joined the band on vocals.
I think they couldn't have found a better singer to honour Kevin DuBrow's memory! Jizzy is one of my favourite singers in Rock and I was really pleased to see him on stage tonight! He's a great frontman and has an amazing voice!

Jizzy said some words in spanish, but Frankie Banali is the one who speaks the langage fluently, so he walked out of his drumkit and thanked the Colombian crowds for coming to the shows. He also remembered the late Randy Rhoads and Kevin DuBrow, and requested a moment of silence in the memory of Kevin before performing the song Thunderbird.

When one thinks of Quiet Riot, two songs come to mind instantly: Cum On Feel the Noize and Metal Health. But it's incredible the number of underrated hits this band has produced! Love's A Bitch, The Wild And The Young, Party All Night... Those songs are amazing, and they were all in tonight's setlist! They also performed Backside Of Water, a new song from their latest record, Quiet Riot 10.

When Jizzy asked "Quieren sentir el ruido?" (Do you want to feel the noise?), everyone knew what was coming next! The crowds went crazy and everyone sang the lyrics!

Metal Health was next, so the show ended with Quiet Riot's two biggets hits! Everyone was banging his head and screaming as loud as possible.

Despite the fact that the show wasn't sold-out and that the sound wasn't perfect, everyone had a great time!
Faster Pussycat, Quiet Riot and the local bands (Broken Zip, Sagar and The Price) gave us an unforgettable night of pure Rock'n'Roll!

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Setlist Quiet Riot – Royal Center – Bogotá, Colombia – August 9 2014

01. Run for Cover
02. Slick Black Cadillac
03. Mama Weer All Crazee Now
04. Backside of Water
05. Sign of the Times
06. Love's a Bitch
07. Condition Critical
08. Put Up or Shut Up
09. Let's Get Crazy
10. Thunderbird
11. Party All Night
12. The Wild and the Young
13. Cum on Feel the Noize
14. Metal Health (Bang Your Head)

Quiet Riot Links:

Quiet Riot Website
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Quiet Riot band Line-up:

Jizzy Pearl – Vocals
Alex Grossi – Guitar
Chuck Wright – Bass
Frankie Banali – Drums
Alex grossi - live with Quiet Riot
Chuck Wright_ Quiet Riot live in Bogotá
Jizzy Pearl - Quiet Riot live in Bogotá
Chuck Wright from Quiet Riot, live in Colombia
Alex Grossi - Quiet Riot Bang Your Head Tour, live in Bogotá
Jizzy Pearl - Quiet Riot in Colombia
Alex Grossi - Quiet Riot live in Bogotá
Frankie Banali from Quiet Riot, Bang Your Head Tour live in Colombia
Jizzy Pearl from Quiet Riot, live in Colombia
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