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Live in Colombia

Ozzy Bar - Bogotá, Colombia
September 3 2014

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Joakim Brodén live in Bogotá Colombia
Sabaton - Thobbe Englund un Hannes Van Dahl

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Performance:    5/5
Setlist:              4,5/5
Lights:                                   2/5
Sound:                     4/5
Atmosphere:     5/5

After several months of succesful touring in North America and Europe, Sabaton started their first ever South American tour in Bogotá.

Sabaton came to conquer a new territory but it's never that easy the first time. Despite the fact that two very talented local bands opened the show, Albatroz and Random Revenge, less than 200 people showed-up at Ozzy Bar on that rainy wednesday night.

But there's no need to be an army of thousands to make a memorable show! Everybody started to jump from the first song, and they didn't stop until the end!
Joakim Bodén stated that this crowd was insane and thet he found impressive that we still have that much energy after 4 bands.

He said that they were nervous because this was the first time for Sabaton in this country, but this enthusiastic and unexpected reaction gave him goosebumps.

But the truth is that Sabaton is a real war machine and they made a high class performance. It was impossible to stand still!
Joakim asserted that it was high and hot, not exactly like in their homeland, Sweden, but this didn't prevent the band to give it all on stage.

Sabaton played for about 70 minutes, which is quite short, but it was extremely intense. The songs on the setlist were carefully chosen so we don't loose our energy and keep on banging our heads. Ghost Division, Gott Mit Uns and Swedish Pagans were magic moments, and we also ejoyed the 4 soungs they played from their latest record, Heroes, which is im my opinion the best Sabaton album to date.

Fans handed on stage two flags of Colombia with the Sabaton logo: one very large that was used to cover part of the drum kit, and smaller one where Joakim's face was drawn. He but seemed very suprised and made a few funny comments about it.

The band was overwhelmed and, as they thanked the crowds, Joakim hoped we had as much fun as they did on stage. He promised that this won't be their last time in Bogotá.

So, it was a small concert but you know what? Every nice story has a beginning.
Years ago, I witnessed Sabaton's early concerts and the first headline shows in France, when they used to play in equally small venues. Now, they're really big.

Today it was the beginning of the story of Sabaton in Colombia and I'm sure it'a long lasting one!

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Setlist Sabaton – Ozzy Bar – Bogotá, Colombia – September 3 2014

01. Ghost Division
02. To Hell and Back
03. Carolus Rex
04. Gott Mit Uns
05. Soldier of 3 Armies
06. Attero Dominatus
07. Resist and Bite
08. The Art of War
09. Far from the Fame
10. White Death
11. Swedish Pagans
12. The Lion From the North
13. Primo Victoria
14. Metal Crüe

Sabaton Links:

Sabaton Website
Sabaton on Flickr

Sabaton band Line-up:

Joakim Brodén – Vocals
Thobbe Englund – Guitar
Chris Rörland – Guitar
Pär Sundström – Bass
Hannes Van Dahl – Drums
Pär Sundström and Hannes Van Dahl - live with Sabaton
Chris Rörland -  Sabaton live in Bogotá
Joakim Brodén goosebumps in Bogotá
Thobbe Englund and Pär Sundström from Sabaton, live in Colombia
Joakim Bordén - Sabaton Heroes On Tour, live in Bogotá
Thobbe Englund - Sabaton in Colombia
Sabaton live in Bogotá
Joakim Bodén holding the flag of Colombia that Sabaton fans made for them
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