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Le Nouveau Casino - Paris, France
October 9, 2010

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Joakim Brodén live at Nouveau Casino in Paris, France

Sabaton were the headliners at this sold-out show at Le Nouveau Casino.

I didn’t know they had that many fans and that huge success!
Not only the show was sold out, but there was a lot of people out, who couldn’t get in.
I saw Sabaton a couple of times before, but I didn’t remember them for their amazing performances.
Well, that’s probably because I’ve never seen them headlining before.

This was a truly amazing show!

Rikard Sundén live in concert

Really. It’s not that usual to see an band and his audience in complete fusion.

It was still very very hot afetr the Alestorm show, and all the metalheads inside were unchained.

Rikard Sundén from Sabaton in Paris

Most people new the words of the songs, and sang them loud.
Others preferred to stage dive.

Joakim Brodén said this was the first Sabaton sold-out show in France, but also the absolute Sabaton stage divers record! 

Stage divers were giving troubles to the roadie… until a couple of girls came on stage and kissed him!

Yeah, every job has a reward!

Joakim Brodén

Sabaton played for almost two hours, and even included some rare songs in the setlist, like The Final Solution.

Joakim Brodén said that they don’t play this “slow song” on summer festivals, but here at this club the effect was great.

Headbangers on stage

At the end of the concert Sabaton even played a real encore.
Yeah, I know most bands play an encore at the end of their show, but this is always prepared.

Sabaton played first a regular encore: after Metal Machine, there was a recorded outro and lights went out. This meant the show was over.

But the audience kept on screaming and the band came out again to play Panzer Battalion, a song that really wasn’t supposed to be played that night! 

Oskar Montelius, Daniel Mullback and Pär Sundström - Sabaton live

Sabaton convinced the audience tonight that they’re a very good live act.
I won’t hesitate to return to see them in the future.

Joakim Brodén

This was a great evening that all the fans from Alestorm and Sabaton will never forget! 

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Setlist Sabaton – Nouveau Casino - Paris, France – October 9, 2010

01. - The March to War (Intro)
02. Ghost Division
03. Uprising
04. Aces in Exile
05. Hellrider
06. Cliffs of Gallipoli
07. 40:1
08. The Final Solution
09. Attero Dominatus
10. Wolfpack
11. Saboteurs
12. The Price of a Mile
13. Coat of Arms
14. The Art of War
15. Primo Victoria
16. Metal Medley (Metal Machine + Metal Crüe)
17. Panzer Battalion

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Sabaton Line-up:

Joakim Brodén — Vocals
Rikard Sundén — Guitars
Oskar Montelius — Guitars
Pär Sundström — Bass
Daniel Mullback — Drums
Daniel Mÿhr — keyboards
Joakim Brodén
Oskar Montelius live with Sabaton
Joakim Brodén without glasses
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