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Unisonic (self titled album)
Release date: March 30 2012

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Genre: from Hard Rock to Heavy Metal
Metal Traveller Rating: (4/5 - excellent)

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Unisonic album cover

Heavy Metal fans have been dreaming about this for years. The wait is over, Unisonic has landed, with Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen reunited again on board the same vessel!

When those kind of records come out, expectations are high. And, what’s the result? There’s no risk of being disappointed, Unisonic is a great rock album!


Don’t expect any references to the Keeper of the Seven Keys era. Unisonic is a whole new band and they’re not here to revive a nostalgic past.
The music of Unisonic provides a fine blend of different styles, assembled by four creative masterminds: Michael Kiske, Kai Hansen, Mandy Meyer (ex-Gotthard) and Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69). Each of them has a very distinctive way to compose and they have created something unique by joining their forces.
The album starts with the song Unisonic, which also the first single and video. It’s the kind fast and groovy metal songs that gets you in a good mood instantly.
Souls Alive is the second song, a mid tempo tune with a catchy melody. It’s followed by Never Too Late, which could easily be a radio hit. Then the album slows down for I’ve Tried, before getting to another world with Star Rider.
On the first half of the album, several styles are already explored, and it goes on and on.
We Rise goes from classic heavy to progressive metal, and once you hear Never Change Me, it stays in your head for the whole day.
The only ballad is a beautiful Michael Kiske song, No One Ever Sees Me. It’s the last song of the album, just like Your Turn on Pink Bubbles Go Ape or Longing on Chameleon.


There aren’t many special effects and the production sounds fresh and clean. Of course, every musician delivers a high quality performance.

What's most astonishing is to hear that Michael Kiske is singing just like in the early days! Kiske has always been considered to be one of the greatest voices in Hard Rock and Metal, and this album is the proof that he’s still on top.
It's a shame that some of his previous projects, like Place Vendome, didn’t get the attention they should. Unisonic is here to correct this.

If you're a Melodic Metal fan, your prayers have been answered: Kiske and Hansen are together again. This is the album you've been waiting for about 20 years.

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Unisonic Line-up:

Michael Kiske – Vocals
Kai Hansen – Guitar
Mandy Meyer – Guitar
Dennis Ward – Bass
Kostas Zafiriou – Drums

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Tracklist Unisonic

01. Unisonic
02. Souls Alive
03. Never Too Late
04. I've Tried
05. Star Rider
06. Never Change Me
07. Renegade
08. My Sanctuary
09. King For A Day
10. We Rise
11. No One Ever Sees Me

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