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Sonisphere Festival
Snowhall Parc - Amneville, France
July 9 2011

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Michael Poulsen live with Volbeat at the Sonisphere France

After Anthrax, the next band was Volbeat!
What a pleasure to see that Volbeat were back in France.
This band didn’t get much support from record companies in France, that didn’t want to release the album Beyond Hell/Above Heaven.

In late 2010 Volbeat did an extensive European Tour skipping France... But it seems that finally French promoters realized what they’ve missing in these troubled times for the music industry.

Crowdsurfing during Volbeat at the Sonisphere Festival France

Volbeat started with The Human Instrument and to be honest, the sound was horrible.
But this didn’t prevent the audience to go crazy during the gig!

Volbeat won the crowdsurfing price of the Sonisphere! There were bodies everywhere swimming over the pleople in a friendly atmosphere.

Thomas Bredhal on stage at the Sonisphere Festival with Volbeat

Michael Poulsen added a touch of good humour, joking about the Big Five event.
Yeah the Big Five: Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica… and he said Volbeat had to be number 5.
Volbeat are thrash metal fans. In Wacken they covered Slayer's Raining Blood, and they name Metallica in the song Wild Rover Of Hell.

Anders Kjølholm playing bass with Volbeat

Later, Michael dedicated Sad Man’s Tongue to Johnny Cash, and he made the ladies (and only the ladies) scream before The Mirror and the Ripper.

The setlist was well balanced between early songs and more recent ones. We had 3 songs from the latest album and most of their best known tunes… but sadly the singles Radio Girl and The Garden’s Tale were not played.
I guess those songs would have done better than Still Counting for example.
Near the end of the concert, I Only Want to Be with You was one of the best moments of the show.

Charlie Benante at the Sonisphere Festival, live with Volbeat

Well, after a great moment spent with the Big Five, back to the Big Four with Slayer.
Click here for Slayer concert review

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Setlist Volbeat – Snowhall Parc - Amneville, France – July 9 2011

01. The Human Instrument
02. Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
03. A New Day
04. Sad Man's Tongue
05. The Mirror and the Ripper
06. Hallelujah Goat
07. Still Counting
08. Fallen
09. I Only Want to Be with You
10. Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza

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Volbeat Line-up:

Michael Poulsen – Vocals / Guitars
Thomas Bredahl – Guitars
Anders Kjølholm – Bass
Jon Larsen – Drums
Michael Poulsen and Jon Larsen - Sonisphere France Festival
The Big 5 ;) - Volbeat live at Sonisphere France with Volbeat
Michael Poulsen on guitars, live with Volbeat
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