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La Scène Bastille - Paris, France
February 22, 2008

Michael Poulsen - Volbeat Live in Paris, February 2008

I have to say that I didn't know much of this band before this concert, but my friend Christelle is a huge fan and told me to come to the show.

I only knew a few songs but I was very excited to discover the band live.

Anders Kjølholm - Volbeat Live in Paris, February 2008
Well, I was not disapponted at all!

I arrived just before the show because I packing my bag, as the next day I was flying to Colombia (where I saw Iron Maiden live in Bogotá).

As soon as the hit the stage Michael Poulsen introduces his band to the crowd: ”Hello! We are Pretty Maids from Denmark!”. Yeah! With this sentence we knew we were going to see a show full of humour.
Thomas Bredahl - Volbeat Live in Paris, February 2008

La Scène is a quite small venue in the east of Paris, not far from the Bastille Square. The concert was full, and a lot of people seemed to know the lyrics of most songs. This was the second Volbeat concert in Paris (the first one was in 2005) and most of the audience was seeing the band live for the first time.

The first song was "The Human Instrument" and the crowd responded very well to songs like "Mr and Mrs Ness", "Caroline Leaving" and of course the absolute hit "The Garden's Tale"


Thomas Bredahl - Volbeat Live in Paris, February 2008

There were almost no lights, but that always like this in this venue.

Anyway the band delivered a great performance that made the audience quickly forget the absence of a proper lightshow.

It was a pure Rock n’Roll show: Guitars, drums, bass, amps, and loud music!

Jon Larsen - Volbeat Live in Paris, February 2008
I was very pleased to discover Volbeat and got their album "Rock the Rebel / Metal the Devil" a few days later.

I was wondering what does the name of the band means. Well, I found that Vol.Beat was the last album of the Death Metal band Dominus. Michael Poulsen, volbeat's singer and guitarrist used to play there.
Volbeat Live in Paris, February 2008

Set List Volbeat - Paris, France - La Scène Bastille, February 22 2008.

01.The Human Instrument
02.Another Day
03.Radio Girl
04.Rebel Monster
05.Mr and Mrs Ness
06.Sad Mans Tongue
08.Caroline Leaving
09.Say Your Number
10.Soulweeper 1
11.Dany And Lucy
12.Still Counting
13.A Moment Forever
14. Pool Of Booze
15. I only wanna be with you
16.The Gardens Tale
17.River Queen
18.Always With You
19. Sweet Caroline

Michael Poulsen - Volbeat Live in Paris, February 2008
The Garden's Tale!!

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Thomas Bredahl from Volbeat and Metal Traveller
VOLBEAT line-up:

Michael Poulsen - Guitar & Vocals
Thomas Bredahl - Guitar
Anders Kjølholm - Bass
Jon Larsen - Drums
Jon Larsen from Violbeat with the Metal Traveller