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Teatro Royal Center - Bogotá, Colombia
October 7 2013

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Warcry fans and their band flags in Bogotá

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This concert was supposed to be held 2 days earlier at the Teatro Metropol. But the owner of the venue didn't have an operating license so the show was abruptly and violently cancelled by police officers. Shame on all of them, here's an article on that

The band and the promoters, Productores Colombia, did everything in order to reschedule the show, and they made it at the Teatro Royal Center.
Fans of the band can only thank for such a fast move!
Congratulations for having the balls of maintaining the concert!

Fans gathered again to see the band on this Monday night. Royal Center is a much larger theatre so there were tickets on sale at the box office, and the lower pit was quickly filled up.

The crowds were incredibly enthusiast, even before the show started.
A roadie walking on the stage was enough to make everyone scream.  

La Leyenda De Oz was supposed to be the opening band but the finally didn’t play, and Warcry was scheduled to play relatively late, so everyone could go to the show after the office. 

At 9:55 the lights were shut down and a movie was screened behind the stage, showing images of the space, the stars, and introducing Warcry’s musicians.

When Warcry came on stage with Alma de Conquistador, a feeling of general euphoria floated all over the Royal Center theatre. It didn't take long for fans to get crazy!

The sound was good from the beginning, and the lightshow was very cool too.
The giant screen showed images according to the performed song. Sometimes it was the lyrics, an old world map during Nuevo Mundo, newspapers during Cobarde, fire explosions during Ardo Por Dentro or torches during El Guardián de Troya.

During Somos La Vieja Guardia the screen portrayed several pictures of Warcry, and when the song was about to end, it displayed vintage pictures of metal icons such as Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Alice Cooper, Helloween and more. Oh, and the band ended the song with Metallica’s Enter Sandman riff.

The band’s performance was impeccable, and every musician did his best.
Guitarist Pablo García often takes the centre of the stage, and it’s great to see him pulling funny faces as he plays complicated solos.
Sometimes he even tries a tropical dance, and singer Victor García tries to follow him.

Víctor García from Warcry
Santi Novoa with Warcry
Pablo García from Warcry
Roberto García from Warcry

I was amazed by the response of the crowds! Most people knew the words of every song, and sang them loud on a passionate way. It was hard to believe that it was a Monday night!

People were hungry for Warcry, especially after the incident. We all thought that this show wouldn't happen, so everyone had only one thing in mind: enjoy every single minute of the concert!

This concert had a special meaning to everyone in there. Singer Víctor García stated that it was hard, but this show was made possible because Metalheads are used to fight and not surrender. He also said that thanks to our positive energy, what was supposed to go wrong finally went right.

He had a thought for the people who had come to Bogotá from other cities, and finally couldn’t attend the postponed show.

Victor told us that the band didn’t understand why some fans said they were sorry, as it wasn’t up to the fans to be sorry!
I think that the guys from Warcry understood that most Colombians are very passionate and hospitable people, always trying to give a positive image of the country, so when goes wrong we’re instantly ashamed.

Víctor stated that Warcry will definitely come back to Colombia, and the only reason that would prevent them to come back would be that every concert venue gets closed!
He stated that Colombia was already a special place or Warcry, but now it was twice as special!

Before the encores, I witnessed something that I had never seen before.
When the band left the stage, instead of screaming and just making noise, we all started to sing the lyrics of Nana very loud!
When Victor and Pablo came back on stage, I could see in their faces that they were surprised and amazed!
The song wasn’t on the setlist, but they played it especially for us. What else could they do?

Santi Novoa came on stage dressed with the shirt of the Colombian Football team so everybody started to shout his name out loud, and then every band member won an ovation after that.

Víctor García from Warcry
Warcry live in Colombia
Pablo García playing guitar on his back - live with Warcry

After 2 hours and 15 minutes, this magic concert ended with Hoy Gano Yo, and Victor stated that the title should be changed to Hoy Ganamos Nosotros (Today we win, instead of Today I win).
That song had a special meaning today because we sang it one while waiting outside the Teatro Metropol, before the police came to charge.

What we lived tonight was demonstration of respect, fraternity and passion for music. The promoter successfully rescheduled the show, the band did an incredible performance, and the audience response was crazy. Victor was right, today we all won!

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Setlist Warcry – Teatro Royal Center – Bogotá, – October 7 2013

01. Alma de Conquistador
La Última Esperanza
03. Contra el Viento
La Muerte de un Sueño
05. Coraje
06. Nuevo Mundo
07. Perdido
08. Aire
09. Cobarde
——— Keyboard Solo ———
10. Ardo por Dentro
11. Tu Recuerdo Me Bastara
12. Devorando el Corazón
13. Un Poco de Fe
14. Quiero Oirte
15. Amistad
16. La Vieja Guardia
17. Tu Mismo
——— Keyboards / Guitar duel ———
18. El Guardian de Troya
19. Nana
20. El Amor de una Madre
21. Siempre
22. Hoy Gano Yo

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Warcry band Line-up:

Víctor García – Vocals
Pablo García – Guitars
Santi Novoa – Keyboards
Roberto García – Bass
Rafael Yugueros – Drums
Warcry live in Bogotá
Warcry in Bogotá
Santi Novia and the Colombia Football Team shirt
Warcry thanks the crowds in Bogotá
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