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Celebrating 2 Years Together in Moscow
May 2006Russia : Moscow

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We walked around the city’s many important monuments: The Manezh Square with its fountains, sculptures, art galleries and shops…

The Arseny Morozov house

Church of Simeon Stolpnik

Cathedral of Christ Transfiguration

The area surrounding Spaso House was inhabited in the 17th century by the Tsar's dog-keepers and falconers. Spaso House and the square on which it is located are named for the handsome Russian Orthodox Church situated on one side. Erected in 1711, the Church of Salvation on the Sands (Tserkov' Spasa-na-Peskakh) was depicted in the 1870s by the artist V.D. Polenov in a painting entitled "A Small Moscow Courtyard" (Moskovskiy Dvorik), which now hangs in Moscow's Tretyakov Gallery.

To the right of Staraia Arbatskaia street runs Spasopeskovskii Pereulok, which is named after the Church of the Spas, or Saviour. This is where the American Ambassador's residence, Spaso-House, is located. This white stone church with steeple bell tower was built in 1711. It is well-known in Russia because it is depicted by the famous painter V. Polenov in his Moscow Courtyard. It was closed in 1932 but consecrated anew in 1993.

(church of the savior)

церковь Спаса на Песках

We finally arrived to Old Arbat Street, a pedestrian street with some very nice buildings, some statues like the Monument to Pushkin, lots of souvenir vendors…and Metalheads! Oh yeah, we were just walking down when I heard an acoustic version of “Улица Роз” (“Uliza Roz”, Street of Roses), one of my favourites songs from the Russia band from Ария (Aria). If you don’t know the song you wan watch a video here. There was a group of friends singing and playing songs from Aria, Iron Maiden and Kiss on acoustic guitar, and of course expecting a couple of coins back. We joined for a few beers and tunes. They were very surprised that I knew bands like Aria, Kipelov, Amatory, Arkona or Slot.

Somehow we managed to understand each other in a language somewhere between English, Russian, Sing Language and Music.
This guy showed me two Metal shops around Old Arbat Street. I bought an Aria T-shirt, a couple of CDs and a DVD. A new CD in Russia costs some 5 to 7€, much cheaper than in Western Europe for the same music and the same booklet.
We dined at the second biggest Hard Rock café in Europe, also located on Arbat Street. Not a typical Russian dinner, OK but hey, rock is global, isn’t it? By they way, it has a very nice collection, including items from Def Leppard and Jimi Hendrix.



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