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The Second Coming: Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Territories
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Summer 2008   Israel / Syria: Golan Heights Road and Nimrod Fortess  
Funny "Information Sign" The Golan is a region disputed between Israel and Syria and a key area in the Peace process.

The Golan was seized by Israel to Syria during the Six-Day War in 1967. As the highest mountains in this region are located in the area, the Golan is very important strategically.
We still don't know where to go... Itís a wine producing region, where you can find some really nice brands like Chateau Golan or the Beaujolais-style Golan Gamay Noveau.

Also, itís the place where Israelis come to cool off: there are lots of nature trails to be done during the summer. In winter places like Mount Hermon became good ski resorts.

We stopped to lunch in Rosh Pina, one of the major towns in the area.
Mountain Scenery on the Golan Region The road to the Golan Heights goes through some beautiful landscapes. We crossed the Jordan Valley and then started to climb the mountainsÖ
You really feel that this place is different from the rest of Israel.
A few days before we were crossing the lunar landscape of the Negev dessert, then we had this Mediterranean scenery in Tel Aviv and Ashdod, the religious fever of Jerusalem, and now we were driving across mountains and green valleys.
It was a big chance to see all those different aspects of Israel, and it’s amazing to see how varied and diverse this little country is.

A lot of people will tell you that the Golan is not Israel but Syria. Some will even tell you that Israel doesn't exist.

I'm not going to discuss this here. This site is not about politics, it's about travel, and from the traveller point of view (the country that stamps your passport) it was Israel.
Nimrod Fortress As we were driving throught the Golan Heights trying to reach Nimrod Fortress, we passed Neve Ativ, the Jewish settlement on Mount Hermon, and The Mausoleum of Nebi Hazuri.

Nimrod castle
was closed so we couldnít visit it. Anyway, we stopped by the entrance to take a few shots of this wonderful place.
Nimrod Fortress in the Golan Heights