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The Second Coming: Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Territories
Via Poland and Gemany

Summer 2008   Israel / Syria: Mount Bental  
Mont Bental We went up to the top of Mt Bental, an extinct volcano and one of the highest mountains in the area. Itís said that inside the mountain there is a modern intelligence centre from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), but those are just rumours. What you have for sure is an old Syrian bunker which you can visit. Itís really impressive, you have for a few minutes a strange feeling, the feeling that war is so recent, and it isnít over.
This way to Mount Bental and Cofee Anan From the peak you have great views of Syria, Lebanon, the Mediterranean and the UNDZ.

The scenery is magnificent and you'll find hard to believe that it's still officially a warzone. It is sad when you think that people has endured really hard times around these places.
Directions in Mount Bental At the top of Mount Bental there are some signs to some cities like Damascus, Beirut or Jerusalem.

You feel quite strange when you see that youíre just 800 km away from Baghdad. It was the first time that I saw a sign to this place.

Oh by the way, the place to drink something on top of Mt Bental is called the Coffee Anan.  
Anyone going to Baghdad?  
Syrian Bunker on the top of Mount Bental  
Syrian Bunker on Mt Bental  
The Ghost town of Quneitra in Syria, view from Mt Bental in the Golan heights