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The Second Coming: Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Territories
Via Poland and Gemany

Summer 2008 Palestinian Territories: Bethlehem
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The Israeli West Bank barrier in Bethlehem This is one of the most awful buildings on the world: the West Bank Barrier. The Berlin Wall was a work of art compared to this one. Cyprus' Nicosia Wall seems tiny when you see this one...

I've never seen tha wall separing Mexico from the USA, but this wall is absolutely horrible.

You only can get angry when you see something like this.
Graffiti in the Israeli West Bank barrier In 2006 I've been to a Roger Waters concert, the guy who composed Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album. During one of the songs you could read on a giant screen "Fear Builds Walls". He is absolutely right. By The way, Roger Waters made a Graffiti on this wall in june 2006.

British Graffiti Artist Bansky made a few paintings in Bethlehem's wall, which can be seen here.

the Wall of Shame: Israeli West Bank barrier The aim of the wall is to mark a clear border between Israel and the Palestinian Territories to ensure security in Israel. I really doubt this is efficient and I don't think it can be a long-term solution to solve the conflict.
Palestinian Heritage Center Shortly after entering Bethlehem there's the Palestinian Heritage Center.

It displays exhibits on traditional Arabic Palestinian life and history. Unfortunately it was closed when we visited...

Here's the website of the Palestinian Heritage Center.
The Tree Of Peace on Manger Square, Bethlehem.

This dying Olive tree is called the Tree Of Peace and it stands on Bethlehem's Manger Square.

The inscription reads:

"I am 500 years old, I was uprooted without my permission from my original site (Th. Kamis Land) in Bir Ona - Beit Jala along with thousands of trees all over Palestine to build an apartheid wall."

No comment...

Bethleham Peace Center promotes tourism, art and education. It has no religious affiliation.
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