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The Second Coming: Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Territories
Via Poland and Gemany

Summer 2008 Israel: Eilat
We crossed into Israel from Taba, the only border crossing with Egypt open to foreigners. Well I have to say that you feel the difference as soon as you cross.
The Israeli border is on a modern building and as you walk to reach it, some drops of cool water fall upon you from a mechanism on the outside walls.
It’s a pleasant experience and the joke of the day was “welcome back to Europe”.
Salah El Din Castle on Pharaoh's Island, near Taba, Egypt Border formalities entering Israel were straightforward and without any hassle.
There were just the typical questions like “where are you going?”, “Reason for Travel?”, “is it your first time here?”, how long are you staying?” and so on, but it took less than 2 minutes. I’ve seen other border where it takes longer.

Eilat is Israel's version of Cancun, Sharm El Sheik, Agadir, Varadero or Kuta Beach, so we didn't stay long.
We entered Israel on the same day of Jakeline and Igal’s wedding. Ricardo and Irene arrived in the morning from Jordan and we had an appointment in Tel Aviv.

We had booked a car rental from Eilat, so the first thing we did after crossing the border was to get straight to the Avis office.
Well, let me tell you that the staff at the Avis office in Eilat was rude and didn’t seem to care about anything. That was a complete shock.

When coming from a country like Egypt where most people are smiley, kind and helpful, it’s really awful to find yourself in a place where they don’t treat you well.