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The Second Coming: Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Territories
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Summer 2008Palestine Flag Palestinian Authority: Jericho Palestine Flag
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Warning sign at the Jericho Checkpoint: Entry forbidden to Israeli citizens The car we rented with Avis wasn't allowed to cross borders. We wanted absolutely to go to a few places in the Palestinian territories, so we rented another car from GreenPeace, a rental Agency in East Jerusalem which allows you to travel to the Palestinian Territories. As we were five, it was cheaper and easier to rent a car that to get to Bethlehem and Jericho on public transport.

This Warning sign at the Jericho Checkpoint shows clearly that Palestinians and Israelis cannot move freely on a land they both claim.
Jericho is quite peaceful and riots are rare. A friend of mine who lives in Israel told me that Israeli and Palestinian Governments have agreed to try to leave Jericho out of the conflict, because the historical meaning for both communities but also for the rest of the world.
Still we cannot talk about real peace, as Palestinians and Israelis are divided and cannot move freely in or outside the city.
blue mosque
Palestine Square, Jericho's city centre The Center of Modern-day Jericho stretches around Palestine Square.
Fruit market in Jericho's city Centre. Palestinian Territories  
new mosque
A Street in Jericho, Palestinian territories  
A Taxi from Jericho, Palestinian Authority Territories  
Trying to find the right directions. On the back there's an Hebrom Glass Factory  
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