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The Second Coming: Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Territories
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Summer 2008 Israel: Masada
Masada Cable Car After our stop in Qumran, we had lunch and drove south to Masada.

A lot of people say that seeing the sun rising from Masada is an unforgettable moment. Well, we preferred to sleep a few more hours and visit in the afternoon.
Moreover, most tourists come here in the morning, so there were very few people when we visited.

Prices are different if you want to go up the mountain on foot or by cable car. We got up with the Cable Car and down on foot via the so-called “Snake Path”.

Before entering the site there’s a movie telling the story of the site with interviews with archaeologists.
Mountains surrounding Masada The fortress of Masada is on top of a plateau, up to 550 meters high.
The scenery from up there is just breathtaking, without any doubt, it’s one of the highlights of any trip to Israel.

As you can imagine, Masada is one of Israel’s strongest symbols. It is the place where soldiers of the Israeli Defence Forces pledge allegiance when they’re enrolled in the army for the compulsory military service.
Why all this? Because Masada is the symbol of resistance: “Masada shall not fall again”.  
One of the Roman legionary camps at Masada, Israel  
The Dead Sea seen from Masada, with Jordan on the other shore  
The Byzantine Church ruins at Masada Byzantine Church
Columns of the Masada synagogue Masada Synagogue
Metal Traveller, Ricardo and Irene up in Masada  
Herod's Northern Palace, Masada, Israel Herod's Northern Palace
Metal Traveller, Ricardo, Camilo, Irene and Stéphanie at Herod's Northern Palace, Masada, Israel