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To the Lands of the Sagas – Greenland and Iceland
Summer 2011

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Ready for a day hike out of Narsarsuaq Bookmark and Share

The most populat hike from Narsarsuaq leads to the Ice Cap of Greenland.

The flower valley, near Narsarsuaq


Hold on the rope!


Tree waterfalls rom the flower valley

You might have heard of a water brand named Iluliaq.
Iluliaq was the name of the boat in which we sailed to Itilleq, but in Greenlandic, Iluliaq means iceberg.

The water branded as Iluliaq comes actually from the icebergs and the glaciers of Ilulisat fjord.
It's marketed as the purest water in the world and... actually they're kind of right.

There's nothing like some really pure spring water from the glaciers of Greenland

It's a rare product, which means it's scarce, hard to find and expensive.
But... in Greenland it's free, and available everywhere!
It just don't come in especially designed bottles!

Here I am drinking some of the best, tastiest and purest water in the world. Refreshing, cold

A stone for the following hikers

Polite hikers leave a stone as a landmark for the following travellers!

The river




Tasiusaq and the glacier, Greenland


Getting closer to the icecap


The icecap of Greenland, near Narsarsuaq


Greenland travel guide

Greenland travel guides

Discover Greenland with Lonely Planet Guides.

The icecap, near Narsarsuaq


Milky waters and earth over the ice


Ice, water, mountains and stones

Click here to read about our trip to Qooroq Ice fjord.

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Travel Bigoud and Metal Traveller near the Icecap of Greenland

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