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Easter in Montenegro
April 2010

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During my trip I passed 3 times through Podgorica, mostly for transport needs: the airport and the bus station.

I didn't expect anything particular but I found a dynamic capital, with lively nightlife, good food and a few interesting sights.

I had diner at the Carine Restaurant, which is one of the biggest restaurants In town.
It felt good to eat on the terrace in April! Hey, I can’t do this in my hometown right now, weather’s not so nice.

The pizza was OK but I’ve tasted better ones. Anyway one pizza and a pint of Slovenian Laško Beer, with great service on a fashionable central restaurant, for less than 5 euro… I’m not going to complain!

Crkva Svetog Đorđa, St George's Church I stayed at a hostel which was called Steve’s Place, which is like the cheapest place to sleep in Podgorica.
The place now pertinently is called Podgorica Hostel, ans it's the only hotel in town.

It’s the smallest hostel I have ever seen! It’s located nor far from the centre, beside the football stadium.
There are only two rooms, a shower, a small common room, and very helpful staff.
When I visited there were no other hostels in Podgorica, but this one is cheap, central and good value, so I can recommend it. Click here for info and booking.
Crkva Svetog Đorđa, St George's Church One of Podgorica's landmarks is Crkva Svetog Đorđa, St George's Church.

Every Ottoman-ruled town had a clock tower to indicate the Muslim prayer times, and Podgorica's 18th century tower is one of the few remaining structures from the time. The tall stone tower hasn't actually got a clock, but that doesn't seem to bother anyone. The tower isn't open for visitors 

Stara varoš A warren of quiet residential streets between the Moraca river and Kralja Nikole is all that remains of Podgorica's old town. Wandering around here, you'll come across the small Osmanagici and Glavatovici mosques, some old residential houses and the Clock Tower.

Built during the fifteenth century this mosque caries a mystery of its initial appearance, since in numerous bombings and war events it was damaged. Today it is the only active mosque in Podgorica, and it is the seat of the Islam community of Montenegro and other important Islam institutions.

My trip to Montenegro ended with a taxi ride from Podgorica's bus station to the Airport. I enjoyed a lot being here, and who knows, maybe I'll come back to explore the country in a deepest way.

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Montenegro Travel Guide

Montenegro Travel Guide

Spectacular beaches, charming seaside villages, wild peaks and ancient towns - how can such a little country pack so much in?

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