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February 2009

 Flag Serbia Serbia: Belgrade Flag Serbia

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Tito Restaurant on the Road in Serbia The prevous evening I took the bus from Novi Pazar to Belgrade.

One of the stops on the road was here at Tito restaurant. I don't know in which city it was, but the whole place is like a museum.

There are statues, symbols, flags, books... Evrything inside is dedicated to the man that held Yugoslavia together on its diversity.
There's even a old map of Yugoslavia. It's hard to believe that this unity is now decomposed in six countries, seven if you count Kosovo.

I arrived in Belgrade at 10pm and went straight to the Belgrade Downtown Hostel.
It's actually the only hostel I know in Belgrade, but I have stayed there on my two trips to Serbia.
Staff is very friendly and it's located right in front of the train and bus stations, and just a short walk or tram ride from the Old Town.

Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade, Serbia

My friends Philippe and Gael arrived in the early morning. There were coming only for the Iron Maiden concert so they flew to Budapest and came to Belgrade with a night Train.
They returned to Budapest on a GeaTours Minibus, and if you need a transport between these two cities, I really recommend them to you.
Staff at Gea Tours are very professional and make you feel welcome: When we were at their agency, they offered us some coffee, and arranged the minibus transfer as we were talking about lots of different things. In other words, efficiency.
I don't work for them, I'm just satisfied customer. Click here for GeaTours website.

We visited some of the main sights of Belgrade, including Marshal Tito's grave, Belgrade's Cathedral, the old town and Sveti Sava Church.

TV at the press kiosks in Belgrade, Serbia

After a nice walk through the city we crossed the Sava River to Novi Beograd (New Belgrade), the newest part of the town. Belgrade Arena, where the Iron Maiden concert was scheduled is located there.

After the concert my friends went back to Budapest and I went back to my hostel.

Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade, Serbia

There's a lot to say about Belgrade, but you won't find this here right now. I promise that a complete guide to Belgrade will be published on this website soon, based on my 2008 trip to Belgrade and Novi Sad.

On the next morning I took a shared taxi to the airport and... I missed the Iron Maiden guys for 20 minutes!
I caught my plane back home and so the trip was over.

I had a great time in Serbia. It's one of the most interesting countries in contemporary Europe and its full of friendly people and far from most Eastern Europe stereotypes.

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