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TAIWAN (Republic Of China)

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Chiang Kai-Chek Memorial Hall
Dr Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
Longsham Temple
Peace Park
Taipei 101 Building
Wanhua District
Curious Taipei sights

On the trip to Asia in 2009 I had a flight from Seoul to Bangkok with a stop in Taipei.
That way I could have a glimpse of Taiwan, even if I only stayed there for less than two days.

The Flag of Taiwan, Republic Of China

It's a very pleasant and surprising place: A perfect mix between a bustling and modern city, melted with centuries old traditions and beliefs.
By the way, food is delicious too!

Official name: Republic Of China
Capital: Taiwan
Official languages:
Population: (2008 Estimate)
Currency: New Taiwan Dollar


Taiwan Travel Guide

Taiwan Travel Guide

Get your chow on at the food stalls of Taipei's Shilin Night Market, get your chill on at some of East Asia's finest beaches and get your boots on to hike the Walami Trail. With two long-term Taiwan residents at the helm of this guide, you'll be dining, sightseeing and soaking up the natural beauty just the way a local would.

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