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March 2009

Thailand Flag Thailand: Bangkok - City Pillar Shrine Thailand Flag

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The City Pillar Shrine in Bangkok is located to the right of the Ministry Of Defence building, in front of the Emerald Buddha emple and the Royal Palace.

I discovered the place as I passed in front of it.
It's a calm place far from Bangkok's noise and crowded avenues.

I spent over 1 hour at the City Pillar Shrine and saw only 2 other tourists while I was there.

The City Pillar Shrine was built in 1782 when King Rama I ascended the throne and moved the capital from Thonburi to Bangkok. Although the pillar we see today dates from the reign of King Rama IV.

The horoscope of the city is placed inside.

The guardian spirits that protect the city are located inside the City Pillar Shrine.

There used to be three: Phra Sua Mueang, Phra Lak Mueang and Phra Song Mueang.
King Rama V added a fourth one: Phra Siam Thewathirat.

A Thai Music Ensamble that was playing inside the compbound of the shrine and I spent some 40 minutes listening to them.

This was a great chance: having a Thai music concert in a real context, not as some tourist attraction.

This is the building of the Thailand Ministry Of Defence.

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Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand blends the exotic with modern convenience: Bangkok is a gleaming city with a robust traditional cuisine and a culture of devout Buddhism, while the ancient city of Chiang Mai is spa central. When you're done lapping all that up, move on to cloudy mountains or lounge around on the pearlescent sand of those famous beaches.

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