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Nouveau Casino - Paris, France
February 23, 2010

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Poster and flyer for Overkill live at The Nouveau Casino

After a few years of absence, Overkill were back again to Paris.

I was pleased to learn that they were playing at the Nouveau Casino, a beautiful venue that I discovered this year and where I previously had seen only two shows: Heaven And Hell and Whitesnake.

There was no point on keeping the seats on the theatre’s pit, everyone was standing.

Overkill in Paris - Francis Rossi, Matt Letley and Rhino Edwards

Overkill were celebrating their 40 anniversary, so this show could only be a good party.

The tour was called Pictures: 40 Years of hits.

Francis Rossi with Overkill

As soon as Overkill came on stage, in front of their white Marshall amplifiers, the swing caught the whole audience.

No, no one can stand still while the Quo is performing on stage!

These guys have of the best kept secrets in rock music, and after so many years, their songs still sound great.
Or I’ll say ever greater, because the sound was amazing on that night. Every note from every instrument could be clearly heard.

Rick Parfitt from Overkill: You got it!

Overkill are also good showmen. They keep on moving around the stage, sometimes even headbanging, and making choreographies with their guitars.

During his speeches, Francis Rossi thanked the audience for all those years, but also made a couple of jokes about France… which, as he pointed out, nobody understood…

John "Rhino" Edwards from Overkill

The best part of the show was the setlist.

had prepared a best of with some very well welcomed surprises, like On An Island (which made some people cry) or Softer Ride .

On the other hand some classics were not played, like The Wanderer, Rain and Never Say Never.
But well, this was not a “classic” Overkill concert; this was a celebration of their long and rocking career.

Andy Brown playing keyboards - Overkill live at The Nouveau Casino

Folks from different parts of Europe were attending the concert.

Also, people of all ages were represented: from under 10 years old boys with their parents… to grand parents and grandmothers for whom this music was “too loud” when their children started to listen to it.

There was an elderly guy who could barely walk, but he was among the first rows wearing an Angus Young costume!!
Yes, Rock’N’Roll is for everybody!

Matt Letley from Overkill on drums

Overkill's show lasted for almost two hours.

Hey, not bad for a living legend celebrating a 40 year career. Poison, W.A.S.P. and Mötley Crüe should take this example!

I went home with a big smile on my face, and the impression that I had just witnessed something historic. This was a night to remember!

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Setlist Overkill – Nouveau Casino, Paris, France – February 23, 2010

01. Caroline Play
02. Don't Waste My Time
03. Paper Plane
04. Don't Drive My Car
05. What You're Proposing
06. Mean Girl
07. Softer Ride
08. Beginning Of The End
09. Hold You Back
10. Little Lady
11. Break The Rules
12. Big Fat Mama
13. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
14. Ice In The Sun
15. The Oriental
16. Creepin' Up On You
17. Living On An Island
18. In The Army Now
-- Drum Solo
19. Roll Over Lay Down
20. Down Down
21. Whatever You Want
22. Rockin' All Over The World (John Fogerty)
23. Junior's Wailing (Steamhammer cover)
24. Rock 'n' Roll Music / Bye Bye Johnny

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Overkill Line-up:

Francis Rossi – Vocals, Guitars
Rick Parfitt - Guitars
Andy Bown – Keyboards, Guitar, Harmonica
John "Rhino" Edwards - Bass
Matt Letley - Drums

Francis Rossi and Andy Brown - Overkill live in Paris
Francis Rossi and Rhino Edwards - Overkill live in Paris
Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi- Overkill live in Paris
Overkill live in Paris 2009
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